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Enough is enough. Here at TrueSelf, we're the kick in the gluteus maximus you need to get into shape, eat well, feel relaxed, and explore this mass of dirt and gas we call Earth. With the help of top specialists, doctors, and travel and lifestyle experts, we're here to give you the stories that the news and health journals won't. We're breaking down health as it's relevant to you in the modern age. We'll give you the inside scoop on a little-known Czech relaxation spa, a guide to surviving the doctor's waiting room, and advice about whether you're a narcissist or not. We're out to get you closer to your true self. That means, to be healthy in mind, body and spirit -- whether you're a gluten-free vegan or a bison-toting carnivore. All that hippie stuff. And hopefully, we'll make you laugh just a little bit.

Health is not all needles and latex. It's about connection, presence, and adventure.

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