10 Ways to Make Your Fragrance Last Longer

We all want to smell great. One way to do so is with a fragrant perfume or cologne that brings out your sense of flirtatiousness and sensuality. You'll no doubt spend a decent amount of money on a nice scent and want the aroma to last all day or night (or both). Some brands last longer than others depending upon the chemistry of the ingredients as well as the price point. But no matter the case, the longer the fragrance holds up, the better. There are actually ways you can take these olfactory matters into your own hands and make your fragrance stand the test of time (well at least longer than it's lasted in the past). Take a whiff of these 10 fragrance enhancing and enduring tips that are like a breath of fresh (but aromatic) air.

1. A Dab of Baby Oil

A small amount of baby oil applied to your fragrance application sites will keep the scent's strength going and going. The moisture of the oil will hang onto the fragrance while keeping your skin supple. Petroleum jelly works similarly.

2. Layer Lotion and Scent

For a double dose of long-lasting scent, buy a lotion along with your perfume. Many perfumes come in a set with a matching lotion. The layering effect will keep your body smelling twice as good for twice as long!

3. Apply to Pulse Points

Don't waste your fragrance by spraying it all over. Hit the major pulse points – the wrists, the neck, the heart, etc. where the body is warmer and will help the scent release its aroma more efficiently. Let your body do the activating!

4. Spray Right from the Shower

While your body is still damp from showering, spritz on your fragrance right away. The drier you are, the less effectively the scent will last. Needless to say, applying after you get dressed is no help. Your clothes may smell great, but it will fade fast.

5. Spritz on Your Mane

Add another dimension to your aroma by not only applying perfume to your skin, but your hair too. You can do a quick spray directly onto your hair or spritz onto your hairbrush and brush through your locks.

6. Spray Tissues and Stuff in Your Clothing Drawers

Give your clothing a hint of your signature scent by making sure they smell good too. Spray some tissues with your fragrance and stuff into your drawers. The scent will be subtle and will enhance your body's scent. You can also try to find a fragrance that comes with a matching sachet for your intimates' drawer.

7. Don't Rub!

When you spray perfume onto your wrists, you may be inclined to rub them together. This actually makes the perfume notes diminish. Allow the scent to dry naturally for the biggest benefits.

8. Keep the Bottle Cool

Perfume and cologne can evaporate like any other liquid. The hotter the bottle is kept, the quicker this will happen. Keep your scent in a cool area for maximum protection. You can even store it in the fridge. The scent will stay truer to its original formula this way too.

9. Layer Fragrances

For a scent all your own plus a long-lasting advantage, layer two different scents over one another. No one will smell quite like you and the lingering effect is improved. Try different types to see which go best together, or mix and match.

10. Try an Essential Oil

Essential oils are a great alternative to standard perfumes and colognes. Because they are oil-based, the scent will last much longer than a normal perfume or cologne. Many of these oils smell very natural and a little dab'll do ya.

Do you have a fragrance tip or trick that helps your scent last and last? We're ready to sniff out even more ideas!

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