11 Games To Play at the Beach


A relaxing day at the beach can be nice, but sometimes lounging around and roasting in the sun gets kind of old. Instead of wasting away your days glued to a terry cloth towel that somehow keeps getting covered in sand, get up and have some good old fashioned fun with our picks for 11 Games to Play at the Beach:

1. Kan Jam

If you haven't heard of this one, it's definitely worth looking into. Kan Jam is a game involving a frisbee and two cylindrical "kans" with slits cut into their sides. Two teams play against one another as they try to reach 21 points by throwing their frisbees in or around the slits of the kans.

2. Ultimate Frisbee


The OG frisbee game that everyone loves, ultimate frisbee is basically synonymous with beach days. And the best part is, the frisbee is all you need to carry on your trek to the perfect beach spot!

3. Spud

Also called "call ball" or "ball tag," Spud basically consists of trying to eliminate your opponents by throwing a soft ball and trying to hit them. It's not as violent as it sounds.

4. Football


Touch or tackle?

5. Spikeball

It sounds really intense, and it can be when you get into it. Spikeball is like a combination of volleyball and four square. You have to buy the supplies for it, but it's definitely worth the extra baggage!

6. Volleyball


Most beaches have multiple nets already set up in the sand, so you just have to bring your own ball and some friends who are ready to play!

7. Ladder Golf

Another backyard classic, ladder golf includes throwing bolas, which are two stationary golf balls attached to the ends of a nylon rope. The bolas are thrown at a ladder contraption, with the end-goal being a bola that wraps around the ladder.

8. Soccer


Mark the outline of the goals and any other necessary lines in the sand and then you're ready to play a game of soccer with your fellow beachgoers.

9. Beer Pong

Beer pong can be a fun game when played with water or soda as well. All you need are some cups, some ping pong balls, and a table! Or you could get fancy with it and build your own tables in the sand.

10. Cornhole

Cornhole is another lawn game we can't get enough of. It involves throwing bags of corn at the hole in a wooden platform.

11. Sand Castle Building Contest

Okay so maybe it's not technically a game, but a sand castle building contest is just too fun to not be included on the list. Bring your shovels and your pails!

Now get out and play!

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