11 Steps to Get the Girl of Your Dreams

You've fantasized about her, dreamed of being together, and sat at work with your mind on the lady of your dreams while your boss glares at you and shakes his head, mostly in pity. Snap out of it man! You don't have to be alone forever wondering what your dream girl is doing and whether she loves you or loves you not. Quit swiping through Tinder trying to find someone almost as wonderful as your wonder woman. You can have the gal you want and here's how.

Tip #1: Take her to the beach!

1. Practice Talking to Female Friends

Are you too nervous to approach your lady love or not sure what you'd even say when you got there? All you need is a little practice talking to women. Chime in on all-female convos at the office or yuck it up with any gal pals you may have. You'll feel more at ease and like yourself because you're not worried about impressing this bunch. See how easy it was and take that energy with you when it's time to chat with your desired girl. She wants you to be yourself, not Brad Pitt. Well, maybe she'd prefer Brad, but the point is, authenticity is amazing.

Tip #2: Take her to Paris!

2. Get Your Look Together

You need not revamp your entire wardrobe, manscape, or shoot up with Botox, but a little extra care put into your look will get you feeling confident and noticed. Get a nice haircut, iron your shirt for once, match your socks, and ditch the filthy baseball cap. She'll appreciate your effort to look presentable and will be more willing to be the girl on your arm.

Tip #3: Take her to a room with weird green light!

3. See How Your Pals Interact with the Ladies

Do you have some guy friends who always score with the females? See what they're doing and the types of women they attract. Does cockiness work? How about Mr. Nice Guy? Emulate the style of the pal you most admire and give it a go. Of course, tailor his moves to suit your personality, but a dating apprenticeship isn't something to be embarrassed by. A little help from your wingman is expected.

Tip #4: Girls love sitting on docks!

4. Prepare a Clever Opening Line

Are you ready to talk to this woman already? Don't approach her unprepared and wind up looking like a doofus. Yes, something may strike you at the moment you see her, but always have something perfect prepped in your back pocket. Give her a compliment. Ask her a unique question. Make it cool yet kind. No one-liners or stereotypical pickup lines will do. Let her see that you are someone worth knowing.

Tip #5: Have hands!

5. Know What She'd Like to Do

If things go well and you actually land a date with this sweetie, make sure you plan the date and you are sure it's something she'll enjoy. If you've done your job right, you'll know enough about her to plan a perfect date. Steer clear from the run of the mill ideas and try something different. The more you impress, the more she'll want to spend time with you.

Tip #6: Anywhere with good lighting is good for romance

6. Don't Play Games

You are too old to play mind games once you've found your girl. None of this wait three days to call back nonsense or vague emoji-ridden texts. If you like her, tell her. If you'd love to see her again, let her know this without confusion. No woman wants a player or a flighty fool. Your confidence will be intoxicating and she'll be attracted to your sense of composure.

Tip #7: Really, anything with water too.

7. Do Something to Surprise Her

A lady always loves a sweet surprise from someone she's into. Send her a single rose with a touching note. Fill up her gas tank when you take her car out for an errand. Make her dinner after a long day at work. Don't wait for her to ask for these things, she wants a guy who knows how to romance her.

Tip #8: Have a car

8. Listen, Listen, Listen

If she tells you she already told you something you say you never heard before, you're in trouble. Woman want you to listen. If she's telling you it, then it's important to her. You may not care that Sally is cheating on Bill or her mom is getting a new cell phone carrier, but she wants to talk and for you to hear it. Turn off the TV and give your girl undivided attention, or she'll find someone else who will.

Tip #9: Docks, beaches, lakes, benches by water. Whatever.

9. Don't Show Off

There's nothing less cool than a narcissistic egomaniac. She knows you've been working out and got a raise. Hopefully, she has let you know how proud she is of you. But please, no flexing around the house or bragging in front of her friends. Let them realize how great you are. If you need to tell them, then you aren't so terrific after all.

Tip #10: Did we mention Paris yet?

10. Chivalry Isn't Dead

Today's woman is independent, self-assured, and can do anything you can. This doesn't mean she doesn't want you to be a gentleman and treat her with class. Open her car door, pull out her chair, and help her with chores and cleaning. Tender care for your woman goes a long way in how she feels about keeping you around for the long haul.

Tip #11: Learn to play guitar, bring your guitar to the beach.

11. Make Her Feel Like the Most Beautiful/Special Person in the World

If this is the girl of your dreams, you'd best let her know it. All the time! Even on those days when she's feeling bloated, breaks out in zits, or hasn't slept all night. Tell her she is gorgeous to you and there is no one you'd want to be with more. Please, for your sake, don't get caught ogling another woman at a restaurant or looking at ex-girlfriends on Facebook. You've already got the best, so forget the rest.

Having a motorcycle probably wouldn't hurt either. Girls think motorcycles are badass.

See, you didn't have to be alone forever, now you can dream together!

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