12 Worthwhile Ways to Use Petroleum Jelly

You've surely got a jar of petroleum jelly sitting patiently in your bathroom vanity. If it rarely sees the light of day, you aren't giving that goopy goo enough credit. Petroleum jelly is an all-around gem that can work wonders throughout your beauty and care routine every day. Give that jar some TLC and it will return the favor. Here are 12 ways to get joy from the jelly!

1. Luscious Lips

To keep lips soft and kissable, you may use all sorts of products claiming to cure those chapped and flaky lips. Have you tried petroleum jelly yet? It goes on smooth, is never sticky, and works like magic. It also gives your pout a glossy glow so you can use it instead of clear gloss. 2 in 1 lip service!

2. Fab Feet

There's nothing less appealing than dry, cracked heels and rough, calloused feet. Pedicures are a quick fix, but for anyone suffering from funky feet, you know the dryness always returns with a vengeance. Petroleum jelly to the rescue. Before bedtime, slather the jelly all over your feet, concentrating on the worst spots and cover with thick cotton socks. In a few weeks, your feet will be as silky as a baby's… well… feet!

3. Cured Cuticles

We all love perfectly manicured nails and fingers, but when those cuticles start to dry out, your fingers are no longer a perfect 10. To cure your cuticle conundrums, take a small amount of petroleum jelly and rub into your cuticles. Leave on all day, and at nighttime, apply a thicker layer. You will see results very quickly and give a thumbs (and all the rest of the fingers) up to this regimen.

4. Forgotten Flyaways

You've just styled your hair to perfection but those short strands at the top of your head are ruining your do. Tame 'em with a tiny touch of petroleum jelly. This technique works particularly well when you've pulled your hair into a sleek ponytail and need to smooth out those strands trying to make their escape. Forget the sticky hairspray and gel it with jelly. Plus, your hair will get conditioned from the application.

5. Polish Perfection

Doing your own nails can be tricky, especially staying within the lines. Who wants polish all over their skin? Problem averted. Run some petroleum jelly on the skin surrounding the nails, so if any polish mishaps take place, you can wipe it right away since the jelly won't let the polish stick to your skin. An added bonus are the moisturizing properties you'll get for your cuticles while polishing.

6. Perfume Power

Do you feel like your perfume fades by the time you leave the house? Make it linger longer with the help of petroleum jelly. Dab some jelly behind your ears, neck, knees, wrists, and wherever else you normally apply your fragrance. Then spray or apply your perfume directly over those spots. The areas won't dry out so the scent won't evaporate and lose their wonderful aroma as quickly. Jelly helps you stay smelly!In a good way, of course.

7. Smile Sensation

If you are planning to participate in a photo shoot,a long-winded meet-and-greet, or are giving a speech or presentation, you'll likely be smiling much more than usual. To keep your grin grand, rub a teeny amount of petroleum jelly over your top front teeth. It will help prevent your lip from sticking to your teeth and you'll be camera and crowd ready all day. Beauty pageant contestants swear by it. Just ask Steve Harvey.

8. Eyebrow Excellence

Bold brows are all the rage. The thicker, the better, but along with bushiness comes a little wildness. You do not want to look like a werewolf or a vampire and petroleum jelly can help you look like yourself. Tame your brows with a little jelly. Smooth some over each brow and set with a brow comb. The look is natural and lasts all day. It gives your brows a nice shine too.

9. Supple Skin

For extra dry skin, regular lotion sometimes just doesn't cut it. For really rough patches and thicker areas like the elbows and knees, petroleum jelly is a superb skin softener. Results are dramatic and your skin will look and feel velvety soft. Petroleum jelly also helps protect your skin if you plan to head out into the cold, dry weather.

10. Long-lasting Lipstick

Never toss those last bits of lipstick again. Sure, it's hard to apply when you're down to the bottom of the tube, but there's still some goodness left in there. Scoop it out into a small bowl and mix with an equal amount of petroleum jelly. DIY lip gloss! Store in a little container and consider yourself a makeup genius.

11. Hair Coloring Help

For those of us who color our hair at home, there's always that hassle of dye getting on our ears, forehead, and neck. Let petroleum jelly be your hairdressing assistant. Spread some jelly over all the areas of your skin you want to protect from the hair dye before you apply. The jelly will prevent the color from staining your skin and washes off in the shower. So simple, yet so effective!

12. Boo Boo Buddy

Ouch! If you cut yourself or have another abrasion of some sort, let petroleum jelly help heal your wound. Be sure to clean the affected area thoroughly before applying. The jelly will work as a protectant against germs and dirt and will keep the skin supple as the boo boo gets better.

Are you ready for this jelly? Do you have any tried and true uses for petroleum jelly? We'd love to add 'em to its many unbelievable uses!

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