13 Sexy Tips to Make Foreplay Last All Day

Play Sexy All Day(and Night!) Long!

When the evening rolls around and you and your special someone are ready to "roll around" too, why get things started right before you jump in the sack? A little foreplay enhances the sexual experience, so why not extend your foreplay game to last all day long?

Now, this doesn't mean kissing and stroking (and whatever else you do to get sparks flying) from sunrise to sunset – heck, most of us aren't even with our partner for most of the day. Foreplay is more than physical stimulation alone. Get you and your lover in the mood for something special with these 13 ideas to make foreplay feel like forever… in a good way.

1. Start With a Thoughtful Pick-Me-Up

Begin the day by putting your sweetie in a feel-good mood. Bring a piping hot mug of coffee or tea to the bedside or wake up early to fix some scrambled eggs and toast. A little goes a long way in the wee hours of the morning, so your thoughtfulness won't go unnoticed. Starting the day off with a bang will help ensure another "bang" that evening!

2. Pack a Sweet Note

When your honey isn't looking, slip a loving note in their briefcase or bag. Say how in love you are, how lucky you are to have found each other, why they are so beautiful, etc. Be sure it's handwritten and placed in an envelope so it shows you took more time than grabbing a Post-It willy-nilly on your way out the door. In this case, words speak more than actions.

3. Slip Something Special in the Lunch Bag

If your darling brings a packed lunch to work, stick something in there that will be a real treat and a taste for what's to come later. A few chocolate covered strawberries or a favorite snack always do the trick. If you have the time to bake some homemade cookies, your sex appeal will have your partner licking their lips!

4. Leave a Naughty Voicemail

Midday, dial in and leave a sexy and slightly naught message to let your babe you're thinking about them. Mention how much you can't wait to be together that evening and how your mind is clouded with thoughts of bedtime instead of work. Describe your undergarments only if they are actually sexy.

5. Text a Seductive Emoji

Follow up your voicemail with a sexy or cute emoji to remind your better half that they are still top of mind. Make sure you are aware of what the emoji means before sending a pile of poo or a taco. A little heart or kiss emoji should cover it.

6. Send a Risqué Photo

At the end of the work day, sneak into the bathroom and send a slightly revealing photo of your sweetie's favorite body part. No need for a full-frontal or something you may regret sending if you wind up splitting in the future. Make it tasteful, yet alluring enough to be a turn-on.

7. Pick Up a Bottle of Bubbly

Stop by the liquor store on the way home and grab a nice bottle of Champagne or a favorite wine. If you or your partner don't drink alcohol, get some club soda, cranberry juice, and some limes and make a thoughtful and refreshing "mocktail" to whet your palates for what's to come.

8. Leave a Trail of Petals

While you're at it, get some flowers at the local florist or market and leave a trail of petals for your honey to walk upon after a long day's work. Have it lead to the bathroom where you will be working on number 9…

9. Run a Rot Bath

Impress your lover with a nice hot bubble bath awaiting their exhausted body at the end of a long day. Make sure you have some freshly washed towels and a fluffy robe to put on after some much-needed relaxation. As they soak, you will be preparing number 10…

10. Fix a Romantic Dinner

Whip up a tasty meal to enjoy before the big "dessert." If you are a terrible cook, pick up something at a gourmet grocer and heat up the food to serve on your nice dishware. Be sure to include a sumptuous sweet to end the meal, or at least some whipped cream. Note: You may want to save some whipped cream for activities later that night. Wink, wink.

11. Wash the Dishes

Some may argue that seeing your partner wash the dishes is a total turn-on. Yes, scrubbing and scraping is like a massage and soft kisses on the neck to many. Allow your dear to sit on the sofa and digest as you clean up the mess you made. Be sure to tend to number 12 while doing so…

12. Put on Lovemaking Music

Hit all the right chords with some smooth jazz, R&B, or whatever type of music gets you in the mood. Whether it's Marvin Gaye or Justin Bieber (hopefully the former), make sure the perfect pitch is pumping through the speakers and into the eardrums of your babe.

13. You Know What Comes Next

Your all-day foreplay is now complete and it's now time for things to get hot and heavy. You've made all the right moves and the grand finale has arrived. Let's just hope your partner hasn't already fallen asleep on the couch.

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