13 Ways to Feel Like a Kid Again

Life is hard, and a lot of us find ourselves longing for the days of free food and enforced curfews that allowed us 10 hours of sleep a night. And although you'll still need to pay rent and get your own groceries eventually, our 13 Ways to Feel Like a Kid Again will help you hide from your responsibilities, even if just for a moment:

1. Crack Open Your Favorite Old Book

Take a swim with Rainbow Fish, climb a tree with The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and romp around with The Wild Things. Flipping through your favorite childhood books will transport you to a simpler (and more colorful) time.

2. Pop in a VHS (Or the Restored Blu Ray Version)

Although a functioning VHS player may be hard to find, a lot of the movies you loved to watch as a kid are now available on DVD or Blu Ray. Did somebody say movie night?

3. Dust Off a Board Game

Invite your friends over for a day of Monopoly and memories! A little friendly competition is good for the soul.

4. Watch Some Home Movies

Transport yourself down memory lane by watching your most heartfelt (and often embarrassing) life events play out on screen. What were your parents thinking by with that bowl cut?

5. Go Outside

Ah, the days of infinite imagination. Remember when going outside was an adventure in and of itself? Go for a walk in the woods or play in the park and let your mind wander.

6. Play Dress Up

So maybe your mom's heels fit you now, and slathering lipstick on and around your mouth isn't as cute as it used to be, but playing dress up can still be fun! Meander down to the closest costume shop for some more fantastical options.

7. Build a Fort

String up some sheets and pile up some pillows for the funnest afternoon since you were five. After all, fort naps are the best naps.

8. Eat Lots of Candy and Don't Feel Guilty About It

No one can stop you now.

9. Ditch the Adult Coloring Book

Although adult coloring books are all the rage lately, nothing will make you feel like a kid again quite like some classic Crayolas and a dusty Mickey Mouse themed coloring book. You can even hang your masterpiece up on your fridge when you're done.

10. Dance Like No One's Watching

And sing your little heart out.

11. Jam Out to Some Throwbacks

Blast some Britney and belt it out - I know you still know the words.

12. Reacquaint Yourself with Glitter Glue

Arts and crafts are not only a great stress reliever, but they're a fun and productive way to release your kid-like creative side. Macaroni art is still cute, right?

13. Host a Slumber Party

Although the thrill of staying up past your bedtime might not be the same anymore, a good old fashioned sleepover with scary movies, nail painting, and prank calls is an enjoyable way to reminisce. But remember, you're an adult now, so the repercussions for ding-dong-ditching might be a little more significant.

Now, back to reality!

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