13 Ways to Make Your S.O. Think You are Sexy

Unless you're Right Said Fred and "too sexy for your shirt or car," you could use a few tips for getting your lady or guy into thinking you're hot stuff. Whether you're newly dating or in a long term relationship, you don't want your mate flipping through dirty magazines or giving the maître de the once over every time you're out to eat in order to catch an eyeful of something sizzling.

Here are 13 non-embarrassing, easy-to-master tips to get your sexy on.

1. Try a New Scent

You may think Old Spice deodorant is an eau de parfum, but covering up BO isn't exactly a turn on. Try a new cologne or perfume to perk up your lover's sniffer and headed closer to your body. You don't need to spend a fortune, just find something intoxicating and not too overwhelming. Soon, your mate will smell just like you after getting closer and closer to your fragrant frame.

2. Get Smooth

A neat bikini line and a hair-free back are not optional. Unless your S.O. enjoys a bushy jungle, try to keep yourself well-groomed, even during the winter or if you've been together for decades. It doesn't take long to tend to your follicles and your mate will delight in your soft and smooth body. Plus, there's a better chance you'll become the recipient of a massage when your skin is so inviting.

3. Play Some Background Music

Turn off the "big game" and turn on some romantic music throughout the house. A little Marvin Gaye or John Legend will set the mood to say "let's get it on." Choose your own tunes or play the artists you know your honey loves. "Music and passion were always in fashion," right?

4. Cook Dinner

A steaming bowl of spaghetti with homemade marinara or some filet mignon with roasted potatoes will make your mate's mouth water and ready for some belly-filling goodness. If you are a terrible cook, get a clear-cut recipe or at least buy some gourmet food and heat it up. Your efforts will be appreciated and you may get just the dessert you've been waiting for (wink, wink).

5. Have a Cocktail Waiting

When your sweetie walks through the door after a long day, have a glass of merlot or a scotch on the rocks waiting to refresh and calm those wound up nerves. Sit down together to unwind and catch up. That little bit of time together just sitting back and sipping will get you on the same page and in the mood. Plus, the more your babe drinks, the sexier you become!

6. Serve Breakfast in Bed

Morning breath… not sexy. Breakfast in bed however? Score! Surprise your boo with a plate of fluffy pancakes, a hot latte, and some coddled eggs on a lazy Sunday morning. Be sure to present your work of culinary art in nothing but a skimpy apron. After your yummies are all gone, hop in bed for a long weekend afternoon of cuddles (or something more).

7. Get New Skivvies

Tighty whities with ass-baring holes and thongs with no elasticity do not make for the next Calvin Klein advertisement. It's time for some new underthings. Head to the mall with or without your darling to pick out some new and sexy undergarments. You will feel sexier knowing what's underneath your clothing and your S.O. will enjoy finding out.

8. Work Out More

Some may enjoy "more cushion for the pushin'" but a toned and healthy body is sexy to most, regardless of its size. Hit the gym, go for a run, take a yoga class, or do step aerobics. Just get moving so your body doesn't turn to flab. You will feel more confident and your mate will be turned on by your stamina and strength. Double the pleasure by exercising as a couple.

9. Rub Those Tootsies

Ahhhh, a foot rub. Most of us desire one, but don't want to give them. Impress your loved one with an impromptu foot massage after a particularly stressful week. Use the finest lotion and get to all the pressure points. Kiss a toe or two if you're really desperate for attention. Your willingness to go the extra mile is a "step" in the sexy direction.

10. Be Kind to the Staff

When you are out to dinner, at the nail salon, or shopping at the market, always treat wait people and staff appropriately. Be patient, kind, and never, ever condescending. Your partner will take notice in how you treat others and your sex appeal will plummet if you are nasty to anyone, no matter their job or status. Jerks are not sexy, period.

11. Buy Flowers for No Reason

Sure, flowers on birthdays, Christmas, and Valentine's Day are expected, but what's more romantic than giving your doll some flowers for no particular reason at all? Surprise your honey with a bouquet sent to the office or lay rose petals all over the bed for a prelude to a special evening. Smells sweet and sexy!

12. Learn to Dance

An uncoordinated dancer at the club or wedding reception usually makes for a doofus of a lover in the sack. Sexy moves are the key to what your date can expect when the lights go out. You need not become a professional ballroom dancer or watch Dancing with the Stars on repeat, but learn a few signature moves so you can impress both in and out of public.

13. Try Something New in Bed

Spice up the sex life with a new move in the bedroom. When your S.O. least anticipates something different, try a new technique or position that will be a total turn on. This will lead to more fun and excitement between the sheets and a special twinkle in your babe's eye that you know you put there.

Hey, 13 can be a lucky number after all when you get lucky thanks to these tips. Now, go "shake your
little tush on the catwalk."

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