15 dogs that will remind you that you can do anything

Whether you're early on your journey to your True Self or believe you've already achieved the best possible True You, we all hit stumbling blocks, no matter how much we've got it together. Life is hard, sometimes for long, seemingly impossible stretches, but as long as you keep pushing, keep working hard, and keep a positive attitude, you can conquer what comes your way. While we here at Trueself can't force you to push hard or make you keep working, we can help with the positive attitude so that those things feel a little bit easier, so here, from us to you, are 15 adorable dogs whose sole purpose today is to remind you that you can do anything you set your mind to. It won't always be easy or quick, but you can get there, just take these pups' word for it!

When you're working hard to get through the day (or week or year), you've got to remember what's important. Pack the essentials, focus on the necessities, and take things in small doses. The rest will be there waiting for you while you work on what's most important.

Take things as they are! Be honest with yourself and about your obstacles and goals. A realistic understanding of what you're up against is the first step in conquering it. Don't let you imagination run away with you and trick you into thinking you've got something bigger than you can handle!

Don't forget about the people (or puppers) you've got out there to lean on. There are people who like you and want to see you succeed. Let them help you when they can.

Don't forget to be proud of yourself from time to time. It's ok to celebrate your successes, no matter how small! Feel good about you.

You. Deserve. To. Be. Happy. Simple as that! There's nothing wrong with working toward happiness, and there's also nothing wrong with choosing the path that makes YOU happy. Don't make your life harder because someone else thinks you should be following a different path.

Do what you like and don't feel sorry about it! Have goals that leave you filling fulfilled. Have hobbies you enjoy. Do things that make you happy, and don't look back.

Know what you like and know what you're willing to give up. Just like this dog, hold onto to the things that are important to you, and don't ever feel guilty for knowing what matters and not giving it up.

But don't be afraid to give. Sometimes when we go through hard times or get started on an important path, we get too focused on one thing and miss out on opportunities to give others what they deserve. Love the people that love you and make sure they know it, even if you might be too busy to give them all the time you'd like to right now.

Don't get caught up in the politics. The politics of the office or of your friends, whatever they may be, can be a source of drama and distraction. Try your best to steer clear if you have more important things going on right now.

Love yourself. You're pretty great.

Be gentle. When we're having a hard time, it's easy to harden our emotions too. Sometimes we snap at someone who doesn't deserve it, or block people out who are only trying to help. Remember to assess your actions and ensure you are treating the people around you with kindness and understanding, just as they should you, while you're going through a tough time.

Own it. Be the boss. Run the show. Sometimes the only way to get things done the way you want is to do them yourself.

Take time to relax. Go to the beach, do a little hiking, lay around in your backyard with a margarita, play a video game; whatever you like to do to take your mind off things, don't forget to do it from time to time. We all need to give ourselves a break sometimes, especially when things are tough.

Be an example. Pushing through a tough time is always a struggle, but coming out on the other side is something to always be proud of. Show others how strong you are, and be an example for others to look back on when they are up against their own obstacles.

Finally, don't sell yourself short. Aspire for greatness. Don't ever trick yourself into thinking your're too old or it's too late or it will take too long. Time will pass either way, so set yourself up to be in a better place once it does.

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