15 images guaranteed to lift your spirits

We all get a little down from time to time. Sometimes it's temporary, or sometimes it seems to grip us for a while, and while memes can't cure heartache or fix the woes of the world, they can make us smile, even if for just a little bit. So enjoy these images with an open heart and remind yourself to celebrate the good as it comes on your path to your True You. Here are some things to remember while on your journey.

Even smart, serious people can have a silly side

Apparently this is Melvin's unofficial picture (who knew memes could be misleading?), but it's still a fantastic one that makes us smile every time we see it. Don't forget to let loose and have fun once in a while, no matter how serious your work may be.

Spreading happiness can change someone's day

This kid knew he had something worth sharing-- his smile! How cool of Fox29 in Philly to get that happiness out into the airwaves. We can't be happy all the time, but when we are, spreading that positivity may be a life-saver to someone who needs to see a smile today.

Love is worth celebrating, no matter the circumstance

Even when you're not your best, celebrating the love in your life is always worth the effort. Whether it's your parents or your spouse or your dog, it's always a good time to let someone know they're loved!

Your best friend may be unconventional, but don't trade them for anything

This duo is legendary. Their matching shirts really seal the deal of best friends forever! Whether you and your bestie coordinate outfits or just message each other a couple times a week, sticking together means you're never alone, and that bond is invaluable.

Sometimes, knowing you can be there for someone else is all it takes

There's someone out there who needs you. Of course you need to worry about helping yourself a lot of the time, don't forget to stop once in a while to help others. Even if you can't lend a physical hand to lesson their burden, just listening can mean the world to someone, and knowing you've made a difference should feel good too.

Feeling good doesn't require making someone else feel bad

Today's internet culture seems to be so much about competition, but we should always remember that being your True Self doesn't have to get in the way of someone else fulfilling their potential too. It's not either/or, we can get there together!

Help might seem small to you but big to someone else

Whether you have one of your own or just like seeing their fuzzy faces online, dogs always manage to brighten our days. This dog reminds us that not everyone is on the same page as far as being helpful goes, but you should always keep someone's intentions in mind and appreciate what they offer, even if it ends up not being exactly what you needed.

Encouragement can come from anywhere

This photo is silly, but it reminds us that encouragement and positivity might come from the places you least expect. If your current path doesn't feel like it's leading you to your True Self, it might be time to look elsewhere. This doesn't always mean changing your route completely, but rather can simply mean finding satisfaction and encouragement in different things as you continue onward.

Knowing what you stand for is invaluable

This adorable little dude knows when he's in the right place, and he knows to get out when he isn't. To be your True Self, you need to do the same!

Find comfort in the people who love you

It's not all perky puppies; sometimes cuddly kitties have a reminder for us too! Stick with those who love and support you, and enjoy your time together as long as you can.

You are still super cute no matter what

This little pup can't even fit into his clothes, but does he care? No way! No matter what you've got going on that makes you feel like maybe you have too little of this or too much of that, just remember that as long as you own it, it doesn't have to be anything to worry about. Channel this little dog's attitude when you're feeling off and remember that cuteness and confidence comes from the inside.

Being there is beautiful

We all need a friend like this and we all need to be a friend like this. Being a strong and positive force in someone's life is always a beautiful thing. You know you've needed someone like this before, but don't forget how much it means to you when it's your turn to be the strong one for somebody else.

Sharing is caring

Hey, if you can brighten someone's day, why not do it? These guys remind us that sharing is a great way to bond.

Intention is important

Sometimes support comes in ways we don't expect. Keep your eyes open to the way people around you are trying to life you up. Sometimes it may not seem like you're getting much help if it doesn't come as exactly what you need, but remember that they're trying to do the best they can, just like this sweet dog here, and feel that love and know they care.

You can take whatever life throws your way

We all have our battles, and we can get through them with a little help and what we have on hand. Really, you can do it! It might seem like successful people have something you don't, but you have everything you need to take the steps to end up in a good place. You might have to get a little creative, but you'll get there. Don't give up; keep striving to be your True Self, and your persistence will pay off in the end!

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