2022 Fall Fashion Trends To Get Before They Sell Out Everywhere

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If you were surprised by the semi-abrupt appearance of Pumpkin Spice Lattes, don’t be. Even though summer technically ends September 21st, people start the season’s funeral when August ends.

While the temperature is still 88 degrees and sweltering, people are switching to scalding hot lattes and sweaters. It’s just the way the brain works, I guess. We force fall too early until we realize we want summer back.

Everyone tells me that their “unpopular opinion” is they prefer winter/fall clothes to summer. Revolutionary. No, duh – it is so much easier to sport baggy, oversized sweaters than a pair of hot pink shorts.

The trend over the past year or so has been baggy everything. The Billie Eilish, if you will - AKA, clothes not clinging to not a single part of your body. Summer naturally throws a wrench into all of this as the clothes are smaller and your patience is a little thinner.

But since it seems everyone is seemingly “over” summer - which no doubt everyone will deny ever saying that in two months - I’ve been looking forward to the new fall fashion trends. 2022 has seen its fair share of recycled trends: Y2K returned with a vengeance and low rise pants, cargo pants, baby tees, and trucker hats flooded the streets. 70’s flare jeans and crochet numbers have also come back into the spotlight after a 50-year hiatus.

This fall, we’re yet again going back in time. 2006 to be exact. That’s right, Birkenstocks are back. In fact, everything you’d expect your 2000 self to wear is about to grace stores near you.

If you’re looking to get ahead of your TikTok FYP, look no further. Brace yourselves, ladies and gentlemen, here are some 2022 fall fashion trends that have been slowly walking past me.

1. Birkenstocks Are Back


I had a pair of Birks for every mood in elementary school. And trust me, there were a lot of moods. Clogs are especially trendy now, so might I recommend the Boston Suede?

Style your Birks with a tennis skirt and sweater for a preppy twist on a timeless classic.

2. UGG's Everywhere 

UGG Australia

2006 called and they want their style back. While I’m sure we’ll see all heights trend, let’s stick with one that started it all: the mini. Uggs can be a little…ugly…so the mini boot is the least offensive option from a surface-area perspective.

When following trends that could cycle out like Uggs, you want to pick a style you’ll wear even when it may not be The Thing To Do. The Mini Uggs are great for keeping your feet warm without suffocating the rest of your legs.

Wear your mini Uggs with your favorite leggings and a sweatshirt for the warmest fall fit.

3. Metallics Are Coming 


I should have known when Kim Kardashian released metallic Skims this summer that we were headed for a Zenon moment. Metallic is coming back full force and we can do absolutely nothing about it.

Taking notes from her sister, Good American also just dropped Metallic jeans which are sure to be popping up more and more this season.

Style these with a black cropped turtleneck and platform black booties for an out-of-this-world twist on a classic fit.

4. Equestrian Style 

Urban Outfitters

We needed a new preppy style-recycle before the year ended! No more collegiate sweaters, we’re going with fitted blazers and riding boots. Live out the Gossip Girl style of your dreams while pretending like you have to go see your horses at all hours.

Riding boots are the main event this fall with a special nod to the cowboy boot as well. So dig up your old pairs from the depths of your closet and let’s get riding.

Wear your riding boots with an oxford shirt underneath an oversized cable knit sweater and leggings for an elegant fall look.

5. Clogs And Cargos 

Free People

Cargo pants make me think of Avril Lavigne and the 2000’s pop princesses. The return of the low-rise showed us the beauty of cargos – you can have your baggy without losing your shape.

And with the aforementioned return of Birkenstocks, clogs shouldn’t surprise you. A pair of platform clogs are great for work and play alike. The Ruby Platform Mules from Free People is the perfect fall shoe that will become a staple in your closet.

Pair the low-rise cargos with platform clogs, a crop top, and a leather jacket for your night out on the town.

If you want to be ahead of the trends before all of TikTok ravages the online stores, follow my tips. Fall fashion 2022 is looking a little familiar…

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