21 Tips to Ensure the Best First Impression

Whether you're attending a job interview or going on a first date, making a killer first impression is absolutely essential in our ever-changing world of short attention spans and instant gratification. Meeting new people can be scary, but if you utilize these 21 tips you won't have to stress to impress.

1. Do Your Research

Although Googling your date may come off a little stalkerish, researching the company you're meeting with is a must if you want to ace the interview and secure the job.

2. Decipher Your Intentions

Before meeting with someone who you want to impress, sort out your intentions and make your personal goals clear before the actually meeting comes about. That way, it will be easier to accomplish whatever it is you're trying to do.

3. Be on Time

Punctuality is major key. Showing up late gives off the vibe that you don't care about your plans as much as you probably should. It's a surefire way to immediately ruin a first impression.

4. Dress Appropriately

Know the context of your plans and dress accordingly. Wearing something inappropriate will not only make you feel uncomfortable, but it will lead to an uneasiness among your peers as well.

5. Master a Firm Handshake

"You've got a good grip there, son," seems to be something that's said in a lot of movies, so mastering your handshake is probably a good idea.

6. Put Your Phone Away

There is nothing more disrespectful (or annoying) than trying to talk to somebody who is glued to their phone. Turn it off and put it away before meeting someone new to ensure you're not distracted.

7. Don't Shy Away from Small Talk

Talking about the weather may seem rather trivial, but becoming proficient in small talk can be one of the simplest ways to feel at ease in an unfamiliar situation. So, how 'bout them Dodgers...

8. Be Confident

Carry yourself like you're Beyonce. And if you don't feel particularly Beyonce-y the day of an important event, fake it till you make it. No one will ever know.

9. Remember to Smile

This one's easy.

10. Stand Up Straight

Standing up straight will help you look confident and more at ease with yourself - two qualities that make for a stellar first impression.

11. Make Eye Contact

Too much eye contact can definitely border on psychotic, but it's a vital addition to a conversation in order to look like you're genuinely interested in what another person is saying. Just try not to overdo it.

12. Look Interested (Even if it's feigned)

Eye contact can help with this, and so can simple things like nodding your head or other small reactions.

13. Pay Attention to Your Body Language

Body language is a telltale sign of your thoughts on a conversation, even if you don't notice what you're doing. Make sure your body is turned toward whoever is talking. Leaning in slightly can be a nice touch as well.

14. Have a Positive Attitude

Don't be too hard on yourself and avoid topics of conversation that might make you come across as negative. A bad attitude is a social turnoff.

15. Mind Your Manners

This age-old advice is still as relevant as ever. It may seem obvious, but you absolutely need to say things like please, thank you, and excuse me whenever necessary in order to leave a lasting, positive impression. Please follow this rule. Thank you.

16. Have a Sense of Humor

Don't be afraid to laugh at yourself! This will help you come off as friendly and level-headed.

17. Don't Do All of the Talking - Ask Questions

It takes two to tango. Although it is important to talk about yourself and your own goals and achievements, it's equally important to let the other person in the conversation talk.

18. Stay Humble

The humble brag is a difficult skill to master, so try to avoid talking about yourself and simply coming off as braggy. Obviously, discussing your accomplishments is a must in situations like a job interview, but make sure you're coming off as modest, not boastful.

19. Show Your Flaws

Sometimes talking about your downfalls can be just as important as talking about your successes. Your flaws are what make you human, so don't be afraid to show them.

20. Relax and Be Yourself

This is easier said than done, but remaining relaxed in a stressful situation can help you to be yourself. Do some yoga or a few breathing exercises to get yourself in a calm state of mind. But make sure you do those things before the interview, not during.

21. Don't Forget to Follow Up

Follow up emails are a crucial element in regards to interview etiquette, but it's always nice to send a follow up note or text to a new friend as well.

Now go get 'em!

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