3 common things that are making you look old

Did you ever notice how some people look far younger than their actual age while others could pass for someone far older? While we should all respect our elders, in this society, we don't seem to respect their looks very much. Youth is coveted, particularly what we see on the outside. That said, there's nothing wrong with wanting to look fresh and refreshed, and appearing "old" doesn't seem to jive with how many of us hope to look as we age.

If you are seeking to maintain a youthful glow and fight the hands of time, take note of these 3 common things that make people look older than they are. Mother Nature cannot be tamed, but before you look like "Grandmother Nature," make some easy changes to hold onto your external youth for as long as you can. Or at least as long as you can see well enough to care.

Over-plucked eyebrows

Grooming your eyebrows is one thing, but tweezing them into oblivion isn't doing you any favors. According to Narcissista, "The tell-tale signs of older brows are patchiness, lack of density and shortening of the length of the brow." A piece of advice… "Try to avoid applying moisturizers and serums to your eyebrows. This can block the follicular growth." And obviously, too much tweezing can be habitual, so take a break and let your brows have a chance to grow in as much as possible.

In order to get your brows back, Bottom Line Inc. suggests, "Women should use eyebrow pencil, powder or both to fill in ­fading brows. Visit a high-end cosmetics ­counter, and ask the stylist to show you how. You may need to try several products to find out what works best." In the meantime, put down the tweezer!

Yellowing teeth

Teeth tend to yellow with age, and the results are never something to smile about. Don't remain closed-lipped about the issue, just whiten them! There are so many products available OTC as well as in-office dental treatments to whiten up those stained and dingy choppers. Find a solution that works within your budget.

Bottom Line Inc. suggests, "Ask your dentist which whitening technique he/she recommends based on the condition of your teeth—over-the-counter whitening strips, bleaching in the dentist's office or a custom bleaching kit you can use at home."

Avoid foods and drinks that stain teeth like wine, soda, coffee, tea, tomato sauce, balsamic, blueberries, and beets. Sure, they may be hard to give up, but a bright white smile will be your reward. And if you smoke, toss those butts in the trash – not only to make your teeth whiter but to improve your overall health.

Too much makeup

Laying on the foundation thick as we age won't cover wrinkles, it will just accentuate their appearance. According to Shape, "Some heavy foundations and powders can settle into the wrinkles around your eyes and mouth, accentuating fine lines. Swap your foundation for a lighter formula or tinted moisturizer that will provide coverage while enhancing your skin's luminosity.

Look out for lipstick as well. Narcissista notes, "Unfortunately, we tend to age around the mouth and having a dark matte smear of color around your mouth is like a billboard that says 'look here for lines'. Instead, opt for a pinkish, creamy lipstick or rosy gloss. And because our lips lose definition as we age, use a lip liner after you've applied your gloss, but only in the places that need definition."

A more natural look creates a youthful presentation. A heavy-handed made-up face can be harsh and outdated.

Aging gracefully is something to be proud of, but why do it before you're ready to throw in the towel? Youthfulness looks beautiful at any age!

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