3 dangers of false eyelashes

Long and lush eyelashes are all the rage when it comes to current beauty trends, and mascara is no longer cutting it for the gals who want their lashes to go the extra mile. More and more ladies are gluing on false eyelashes to get that "Kardashian" look, but the dangers that come with wearing them are real. With the bat of an eye, you can go from chic to eek!

Of course, your false eyelash lust can go off without a hitch no matter how often you wear them, but beware of the common problems to look out for if you do opt to jump on the false eyelash bandwagon. Looking great isn't worth paying the price of damage, pain, or something worse.

It's time to open your eyes to the real threat of wearing false lashes, then make your decision to go long or to go natural. Take a look…

1. You Can Damage Your Real Lashes

You probably opt to wear false lashes because your natural ones are not very lush, thick, or plentiful enough. But wearing false lashes over them can make your real ones suffer more than you believe they already are.

As per The Beauty Insiders, "The improper attachment of fake lashes can damage the natural lashes. The extra pressure caused by the false lashes can also cause damage to the hair follicles, stopping eyelash growth temporarily or permanently.

Plus, if you remove your fake lashes with a heavy hand, you can rip your real ones right out! Ouch. While you cannot do much about the pressure of the lashes themselves, follow the directions for removal to be sure all you take off is the fake!

2. They Can Trap Bacteria

Because you are creating a moist environment when you apply the glue to adhere the false lashes to your eyelids, the chance for dirt to get trapped and bacteria to thrive is created. According to a CBS News report, "Bacteria can also grow in fake lashes, leading to infections."

The Beauty Insiders notes, "Natural eyelashes protect the eyes from dust, foreign materials and sweat, while low-quality and unhygienic false eyelashes usually cause irritation and infection."

Be sure you apply your lashes as per directed and your hands and anything that comes into contact with the lashes are clean while doing so. A bacterial infection in this sensitive area is nothing roll your eyes at.

3. You Can Have an Adverse Reaction

According to a report by WNEM, "The glue that is used to secure the false eyelashes to the natural eyelashes can contain formaldehyde which is a known carcinogen. If that comes in contact with the eye or even the lids that can cause an allergic reaction or can cause a scar on the cornea which can be sight threatening."

If you feel any irritation or pain, see redness or swelling, or something else seems off while or after using fake lashes, see a doctor right away. Now is not the time to look the other way.

Is the sexy look really worth the potential damage? Blink once if you'll still try the trend.

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