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Where do you start when it comes to hair care? Like anything else, you should start at the beginning. Shampoo and conditioner are all at the foundation of anyone's hair care routine, so this is where the most impactful changes can be made.

Our editors had been swapping tips about the best wash routines when one suggested Hairstory's New Wash. This came out of left field as many of us were only familiar with the typical drugstore brands. Why make the switch?

She said that Hairstory is free of harsh detergents and has a more sustainable, biodegradable formula so it's way better for our hair.

Apparently, our traditional shampoos and conditioners use harmful chemicals that strip our hair and scalp of natural oils. As a result, our body tries to combat it with an overproduction of oil which quickly causes greasy hair sending us back to the shower sooner - wash, grease, repeat.

It made sense, a lot of us had been struggling with that wash dilemma. So three of us decided to give the brand a shot. We each tried a different Hairstory Starter Kit, and the reviews are in.

Here's how Hairstory works for everyone:

If You Want To Get Away From Traditional Shampoo

Kit: New Wash Original Kit

Experience: I was nervous to make the switch but knew my hair had more potential than what I was getting from my old routine. To start out, I went for the New Wash Original Kit and not only did I love the cleanser, but the other products in my kit made such a difference too!

Hairstory's New Wash Original worked great with my thick curly hair, as it's made to work for all hair types. It took a few washes for my hair to adjust, but then my hair became less oily and feels truly clean. The added bonus of eliminating conditioner, saves time in the shower and saves on my budget. Hairstoryworks so well I no longer buy a boatload of extra treatments and no more frequent drugstore trips.

The kit came with the Scalp Brush which is great to use in the shower and helps remove excess product. Truthfully, a relaxing scalp massage has taken my wash routine to the next level. In between washes, the Powder (dry shampoo) keeps my hair feeling fresh longer.

If You're New To Shorter Hair

Kit:Short Hair Starter Kit

Experience: When I went for the big chop, I knew it was going to be a new era for my hair care.

Hairstory makes it easy with this Short Hair Starter Kit: New Wash Original, Wax, and Scalp Brush. I was worried that with my shorter locks I'd be constantly washing out the grease, but New Wash took care of it.

My hair transformed with New Wash Original. It's pretty thin with some waves. But now that I use just one cleanser, I no longer have to pile on the product. The brush is a heavenly scalp massage that I never would have thought to add to my routine. Then there's the added bonus of eliminating dandruff - a life-long struggle.

New Wash was the hero of this trio, but Hairstory's Wax was definitely a surprise. It's a medium-hold hair pomade that has made styling a breeze. I always hated the shiny look of gel and the crunchy texture it leaves. But with Wax I get a hat-proof, water-resistant matte finish. Everything I need in just one kit - incredible!

If You're Into Working Out

Kit: Fitness Kit

Experience: I live a hyper-active lifestyle so my hair demands extra attention to make it through my workouts. However, change is hard for me so I wasn't ready to go all-in and switch to New Wash. Instead I gave their Fitness Kit a chance and tried the Hair Balm and Powder. My verdict? Exceptional.

I used to hide my hair under caps or topping my head with a bun to distract from my oily scalp. My sweaty gym sessions took a toll on good hair days - until I started using Hairstory. The Powder is the best dry shampoo I've tried - and there have been many- absorbing any oil and sweat while adding volume like a fresh wash. Its aerosol-free formula eliminates air pollutants, helping me be a bit more eco-friendly in my day-to-day.

The Hair Balm is described as "part leave-in conditioner, part curl cream, part frizz-fighter," and that's absolutely right. After a workout, I apply to wet or dry hair, and it gives me the best styling boost out there. On wet hair, I get a great air-dried look while avoiding the damage from blow-drying. On dry hair, it helps with frizz and curl definition.

Both products easily fit in my bag so I can use them on the go. Now, I'm going full-Hairstory and adding New Wash to the mix.

Everyone agrees this sulfate and paraben-free hair care brand is a must-have. Not only are these kits great for your hair but you save a ton. There's also a Refill Club for New Wash, reducing plastic with their subscribe and save offering.

Give your hair the attention it deserves with safe and effective game-changers from Hairstory.

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