3 of the worst things to consume on an empty stomach

Most of us wake up hungry for breakfast. After all those hours having eating nothing at all, our stomachs are growling and ready to be filled with foods and drinks to replenish our bodies. But when your stomach is totally empty, foods and drinks which would otherwise be no bother to your system can wreak havoc when consumed first thing.

Here are 3 items to limit or avoid altogether when your stomach is empty. Perhaps you can indulge later in the day, but unlike Cookie Crisp (as advertisers have fooled you into), you can't have these things for breakfast.

1. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are generally great for you. As per The World's Healthiest Foods, they are high in vitamin C and K and biotin, and are a good source of potassium, copper, fiber, folate, and niacin. That said, eating a ripe juicy tomato for breakfast can bite you right back.

According toBright Side, "Tomatoes contain high levels of tannic acid that increases acidity in the stomach. This can lead to gastric ulcers."

So save the tomatoes for a nice salad at lunch or stirred into your marinara sauce come dinnertime. An ulcer is no way to start the day, even if you can't resist a brunchtime Bloody Mary!

2. Carbonated Drinks

It may seem obvious that gulping down a Dr. Pepper isn't the finest way to begin a healthy day, but the fizzy stuff is harmful when consumed on an empty stomach. And even the "diet" versions of soda pop are bad for you too.

According to The Hearty Soul, "Even sugar-free carbonated benefits are not recommended on an empty stomach. Drinking them in the morning can damage mucous membranes and reduce blood supply to the stomach, making food digest more slowly, which can cause constipation."

You want to start the day feeling ready to go (in more ways than one) so drink something more healthful like a low-acid juice, green tea, or just plain ice water. Save the soda for a once-in-a-while refreshment.

3. Pastries

Who doesn't love a fresh blueberry muffin or a rich cheese Danish in the morning? Sure pastries like these are yummy, but at what cost? As per Mamabee, "Processed sugar in the morning damages the liver by overloading it. The whole situation could lead to liver damage. That's why a donut for breakfast is never a good idea."

The Hearty Soul adds, "They contain yeast, a type of microbe that irritates the lining of the stomach that may cause flatulence." Farting first thing is not the way to awaken your spouse. Go for oatmeal or whole grain cereal if you've got a carb craving.

Start your day off without pain or discomfort. Getting up and at 'em is hard enough already!

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