3 Reasons Every Professional Should Use GrammarlyGO

Between work, social obligations, and those endless message threads with family, communication these days can be disorganized, frustrating, and susceptible to errors. And no one wants to send out an email with countless careless mistakes to management – or Mom.

We wanted to find a tool to help with everything from common grammatical gaffes to clarity, tone, and creativity. After a while, we came across GrammarlyGO – an AI assistant that provides real-time writing suggestions, prompts, and ideas and also boosts creative juices.

GrammarlyGO moves beyond spelling and grammar to ensure your writing is correct, clear, and engaging.

Here are 3 ways GrammarlyGO can help every writer:

Effective Communication

Use GrammarlyGO’s suggested prompts to jump-start your writing process. GrammarlyGO adds unique context by suggesting one-click prompts to help you compose quality drafts and clarify your formal and informal writing. GrammarlyGO even takes it a step further by letting you set your preferred voice and professional role so the writing it generates is personalized.

Improved Creativity

Use GrammarlyGO as your AI ideation partner. It can generate outlines, offer ideas to reference, and add directly to the text.

Greater Productivity

GrammarlyGO helps writers improve entire sections of writing for clarity, tone, and professionalism. All writers can choose from prompts or input their own prompt while rewriting selected text. Better yet, writers also have the option to rewrite for length and make writing excerpts longer or shorter by responding to one-click prompts!

BONUS: GrammarlyGO understands your emails’ contexts and offers relevant one-click prompts to help you rapidly draft thoughtful replies.

GrammarlyGO will start rolling out in beta in April to all Grammarly Premium users and users of Grammarly’s free plan in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Japan, Poland, and Ukraine – with more countries added later.

Calling writers everywhere: GrammarlyGO is great for writing at work or school or even creatively!

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