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Ways Being Properly Hydrated Can Improve Your Health

Hint makes drinking the right amount of water a breeze

We get it, drinking 8 glasses of water a day may be challenging. And even though you might know that 75% of our bodies are composed of water and depend on it to function properly, it's easy to forget to hydrate.

Lack of H2O can make you feel tired, lethargic, and headachy - all symptoms of dehydration. Although it might not sound like a big deal, dehydration can affect your health. But, good news! Hint's natural, fruit-infused water - free from preservatives and sweeteners - can make it easier for you to achieve this daily goal, painessly.

Here's how Hint can help you properly hydrate:

1. Improves Metabolism

Water is integral to how your body works, including your metabolism. Plus, it helps you burn calories. Want to kickstart your metabolism, but think water tastes blah? Hint's refreshing and tasty water can help. Each sip has a splash of fruity flavor that's infused with natural fruit oils and essences derived from the peel of the fruit, so you get that delicious taste without any added sugars.

2. Strengthens Immune System

Water helps eliminate toxins, but when you're dehydrated, they're eliminated at a slower rate, or not at all. Toxins stress the immune system and weaken its ability to protect us against external toxins and infection.

Want an immune system boost? Hint to the rescue! Hint water is vegan and contains no MSG, nuts, soy, or gluten. Nothing but healthy here.

3. Combats Dry Skin & Premature Aging

That $60 hydrating serum is useless, if you don't hydrate your skin from within. Chronic dehydration can contribute to dry skin, make you more susceptible to wrinkles, and your skin can age at a quicker rate.

Studies show that 80% of Americans get their fluid intake from beverages, two thirds of which are soft drinks, coffee, and alcohol. Well, Hint's got a solution for you. Their delicious water is totally free of calories, diet sweeteners, and sugar - so you're not putting anything bad into your body.

Want to up your water intake and avoid health risks caused by dehydration? Hint makes it super easy - they'll deliver the bottles right to your door!

Build your own bundle online from Hint's amazing array of fruit flavors. Sample their Top 8 - watermelon, blackberry, pineapple, cherry, lemon, peach, raspberry, and crisp apple. Choose your favorites. Or, try them all.

Hint has a fantastic new customer deal. You can choose 3 cases of their top flavors for $36. That's 36 bottles at only $1 per bottle. Plus, shipping is free!

With Hint, hydration has never been so easy.

Update: Hint is extending a special offer to our readers! Follow this link to get 36 bottles for only $36.