3 Ways To Combat Menopause Symptoms: Diet, Exercise & Equelle

Going through menopause can feel like riding an unpredictable rollercoaster. Your ovaries are producing less estrogen, and you’re likely all too familiar with the effects: irregular periods, vaginal dryness, unexpected weight gain, and those frustrating sleepless nights. Not to mention the hot flashes and night sweats that seem to hit at the most inconvenient times.

So, it makes sense to have some support as you navigate this important part of your life. There are a number of ways to meet menopause head-on and deal with your symptoms in healthy ways.

Here are 3 hacks for combating menopause symptoms:

1. Dietary Changes

Find a trustworthy Vitamin D supplement for your aching bones and mood changes.

It’s also critical that you limit the loss of bone density and bone strength by featuring calcium-rich foods like yogurt, milk, kale, spinach, tofu, and soy-rich products in your diet.

Soy protein and soy foods contain isoflavones, a type of plant estrogen, and are viewed as somewhat restorative for menopausal symptoms. However, clinical studies into the effectiveness of dietary sources of soy isoflavones are negligible. And we can only eat so much soy a day!

2. Exercise

Now’s the time to overhaul your exercise routine. No need to hit the gym, dust off your stationary bike, or buy weights — find a few online classes, unroll that yoga mat, and breathe.

The goal is to move your body every day. Break it up with a 15-minute morning session and a second session later in the day.

5 types of exercises that can help with menopause symptoms:

  • Yoga - Regular yoga practice can help improve flexibility, sleep, and overall quality of life.
  • Breathwork - Mindful breathing reduces stress and may even help you power through those hot flashes by improving your mind-body connection.
  • Pelvic Floor Exercises - Building up the muscles that support your pelvic floor can improve strength, flexibility, and blood flow.
  • Walking/Light Cardio - This is super beneficial — it boosts mood and reduces arthritis pain and stiffness. A brisk walk can even serve as a cardio session.
  • Strength Training - Not only does weight training help build muscle, it supports the joints and prevents musculoskeletal issues down the road.

​3. Sometimes Diet and Exercise are Not Enough

Many women choose to treat their menopause symptoms with natural options rather than hormone replacement therapy. Equelle — a popular hormone-free supplement that can help women experiencing mild-to-moderate symptoms of perimenopause, menopause, or postmenopause —is a terrific way to treat your symptoms without hormones.

Equelle’s breakthrough, plant-based ingredient — S-equol — has a similar structure to estrogen, mimicking some of its beneficial effects as you have lower levels during menopause. By binding to the body’s estrogen receptors, it mimics the effects of estrogen to address the root cause of fundamental menopausal symptoms.

With over 20 years of proven research, Equelle has been shown to be safe by scientific experts to have:

  • No association with breast cancer
  • No changes in sex or thyroid hormones
  • No negative effects on endometrial health

Although it may take a bit of time to have full effect, some women begin to see results as soon as week 4 — with optimal results between weeks 8 through 12. Equelle has been clinically shown to alleviate symptoms, such as reducing the frequency of hot flashes, supporting sleep quality, helping with muscle aches and mood swings related to menopause, and reducing bothersome vaginal irritation.

No prescription and no need to pay to see a doctor — Equelle ships right to your door. And if you subscribe to a 90-day plan, you’ll get Equelle at only $37 a month! Equelle even offers a 90-day money-back guarantee, so it's risk-free to try.

Even better, your subscription comes with a free 15-minute health coaching call!

With persistence and patience and a mix-n-match of these 3 hacks, it’s possible to significantly improve your quality of life during this big change. From peri to post, Equelle’s Menopause Multi-Symptom Relief is a trustworthy, safe, hormone-free resource at all stages of your journey.

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