3 ways to look instantly younger

by: Melissa A. Kay

Like it or not, we live in a youth-obsessed culture. But youth is more than just a number. It's a state of mind and a reflection of our vibrancy and zest for life. Never give in to society's pressures, but if looking as young as you feel is something you strive for, why not make a few tweaks so you can feel your best on the inside as well as look your best on the outside?

Here are 3 simple ways to look instantly younger without resorting to drastic measures or setting yourself up for unrealistic expectations. Nobody will believe your real age, and you'll hear far fewer "Yes, ma'ams" moving forth!

Go for bangs

If you've had the same hairstyle for years, a new 'do will do you justice. And bangs are the perfect way to not only refresh your appearance, but camouflage forehead wrinkles in the process. Another plus, the hair that now frames the upper portion of your face will make your eyes pop – another youthful attribute.

If you are seeking some bangin' inspiration, InStyle has a slideshow of some of their picks for best celebrity bangs. Who can disagree that Penelope Cruz, Sandra Bullock, Kerry Washington, Eva Longoria, and Cameron Diaz all look far younger that what their birth certificates claim?

Lighten your lipstick

Dark and heavy matte lipstick may be edgy and trendy, but as we age, these harsh shades can make women look older. Lips get thinner and the color may feather into the fine lines that pop up around the lips.

Allure suggests opting for light shiny colors and glosses rather than lipsticks to make lips look fuller. Prevention adds, "Choose a lipstick that mimics the color of your lips when you were younger."

With a lighter and glossier hue, your pout will become all smiles!

Lay off the powder

Pass on the powdery makeup like blushes and compacts and opt for makeup that's moisturizing instead. InStyleclaims, "As you get older and your skin produces less oil, dewy makeup is more flattering. Consider switching to a lightweight tinted moisturizer with luminizing effectsand cream versions of blush and bronzer."

Your skin will glow with the radiance of youth and your fine lines and wrinkles won't be as pronounced. Your dewy makeup will look more natural and allow the true you to shine through.

A youthful look can be achieved at any age. Try these tips and you'll feel like a kid again (or at least a few years younger)!

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