4 KIDBOX Outfits for Your Unique Kid

Your kid is one of a kind. Whether you had the baby whose gurgles were Top 40 material, the toddler who learned to run before he could crawl, or the kid who's known since forever that they wanted to be a nuclear physicist/pastry chef, your child's an individual. So they shouldn't dress like everyone else! Meet KIDBOX. KIDBOX is a children's clothes delivery service that curates boxes of name-brand clothes based on your child's individual style. You answer a fun survey about your kid's likes, dislikes, etc, and KIDBOX's style experts go to work putting together a one-of-a-kind box your child will fall in love with. Delivered right to your door every season, plus an extra for back-to-school you can refresh your child's wardrobe and skip the tantrums at the mall. Plus if their interests change, or they hit another growth spurt, you can update their preferences anytime through your account.

Here are 4 totally unique child-approved styles from KIDBOX.

1.Classic Prepster

If your mini-me goes nuts for collared shirts, cardigans, and the occasional clip-on bow tie, you might have a classic prepster on your hands. KIDBOX styles adorable, clean-cut looks for the kid using class president as practice for a 2060 nomination.

2. Sporty Cool

So that they're not wearing basketball shorts year-round, introduce your junior athlete to "sporty athletic." With cool brands like Puma and fun details like stripes and padded knees, these clothes can withstand an impromptu game of anything

3. Urbanite Fashionite

KIDBOX understands that cool doesn't have a height minimum. If your kid keeps up with the latest trends and gets a little too excited about posing for Instagram photos, they need new threads from brands like DKNY and Levis Kids to show off on their big-city attitude.

4. Casual, Upgraded

Now the kid who just wants to be comfy can rock casual Friday every day, without looking like they went to school in pajamas. KIDBOX has the modern, sleek casual look on lock, from cotton tees with flair to jeans made for climbing over monkey bars with ease.

KIDBOX allows your kid to be obsessed with pink one week and sports the next. Trying on tons of different trends, personalities, and obsessions can help them understand the "a-ha!" moment when they find what truly fits them. Plus, with outfits delivered right to your door and amazing customer service, it's like getting a little present in the mail year-round.

UPDATE: The Kidbox team is offering a Special Holiday deal to our readers! Follow this link and use the promo code "Get10" to get $10 off your first Kidbox!

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