4 Calming Acupressure Techniques Everyone With Stress Should Know

Ahhh, stress. Oops. We mean, AH, STRESS! Are you panicking right now? Are your palms sweating? Heart pounding? Head aching? You don't need to run to the medicine cabinet. You have the power to get relief all by yourself. How?

It's called "acupressure." You'll probably recognize it from the ancient Chinese art of acupuncture. But alas, for this, no puncturing necessary. The great thing about acupressure is that you can perform it anytime, anywhere, for instant results. Thanks, Fine Balance Acupuncture!

The Wrist

Hold one wrist in your hand, and measure three fingers down from the base of the hand. Gently press and massage with your thumb the point where your third finger meets the middle of your wrist for two minutes. Then repeat with the other wrist.

The Hand

In the crease where the base of your hand meets your wrist, apply pressure with the thumb for two minutes. Feel the stress just melting away?

The Foot

While sitting with crossed legs, balance one foot over your knee. Between your second and third toe, draw a straight line less than half-way down the foot. Then push on the center of your foot, hold the pressure and repeat for two minutes.

The Ears

This one's a bit more of a free-for-all. Gently rub and massage your ears by working the lobes and the inner ear for two to three minutes.

We hope you'll achieve new levels of namaste with these acupressure techniques.

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