4 super-cute ways to wear your hair up this summer

by: Melissa A. Kay

Summertime is the perfect time of year to experiment with adorable hairstyles that will keep you feeling cool as the temperature rises. Long hair is gorgeous, but when the weather is hot and humid, getting all that hair off your face and neck is an instant refresher.

If your hair length and texture can handle these gorgeous 'dos, give 'em a go.

Loose tail with side braids


Go for that messy-chic look with a loose ponytail and braided sides for a 'do that looks so special but only takes a few minutes to create.

Split the hair across the mid-back of the head horizontally and portion off the bottom section into a ponytail. On either side of the head with the remaining hair, French braid the sides towards the back and connect the loose ends into the rest of the hair and pull it all together into the loose pony. If your hair is really long, you can wrap the braided ends around the base of the pony for a textured look.

The best part? When it's time to release the braids, you'll have natural beachy waves for a sultry night out!

Side swept low braid


This look is perfect for day or night and is sophisticated, yet comfortable at the same time. Plus, it takes just seconds to master.

All you need to do is pull all your hair over one shoulder and braid loosely and fasten at the bottom. If you have bangs, style them to the same side as the braid for an overall side swept look. Otherwise, brush your hair to one side and braid accordingly. The low braid is classy and mature, and it is even perfect for a summertime formal event. Show off those sexy shoulders and collarbones! You can even illuminate them to catch that special someone's eye with a body luminizer likeFemme Couture.

Half up-half down topknot


The topknot is all the rage, so take advantage of the trend while it's still hot. The half up-half down look is always in style, but the edge of the added topknot makes it current.

Split the front portion of your hair into that classic half up-half down structure and pull the hair on top into a messy knot. Make it as high on the top of your head as possible, and don't worry about perfection – that's what makes this style so effortless, yet completely on trend. Secure by tucking the loose hair underneath and poking in a few bobby pins where necessary.

For some incredibly pretty pins, check out Kitsch. Beaded, with butterflies, or metallic, let the bobby pins add even more beauty to this style. Let the rest of the hair flow and you're good to go!

Bandana bun


A nice and full bun on the top of the head is feminine, yet super-cool for summer. And a fun bandana not only adds color and style, but keeps the hair in place and gives that personal touch. Check out the Wave Bandana at Urban Outfitters. It just screams "summer!" And, it's only $8.

All you need to do is create a ponytail and wrap the tail hair around and around until a bun is formed. Do this as high up on the head as possible so the bun shows from the front and there's room beneath it for you to tie the bandana. Next, wrap your bandana around the top of your head, leaving about an inch or two of hair showing above the forehead, and secure under the bun towards the nape of the neck.

No matter your style, find a color or print that goes with your personality and matches your outfit.

Don't let the hot weather melt your look. These hairstyles not only look cool, but will keep you feeling that way!

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