4 ways to de-bloat quickly

by: Melissa A. Kay

Even when you're feeling fit and eating right, belly bloat can still rear its ugly bump and make you feel uncomfortable and look less-than-ideal. The bloat may take you by surprise, but banish it fast with these 4 de-bloating tips and tricks that will help you say bye bye to bloating for good.

Cut down on the salt

As tasty as salt may help make our favorite foods become, the salt can be a big time belly bloater. High-sodium foods are what to look out for since they are the main culprit for us taking in too much added salt.

As per Self, "When you eat sodium, your body retains water to try to maintain the proper balance in your bloodstream." Stay under 2,500 mg and your bloating will remain at bay.

When we get used to the taste of foods with lots of added salt, it can take some time to get accustomed to a "blander" flavor. But after a few days, you'll realize all the fresh and natural flavors you've been missing out on. One thing you won't miss is that bothersome bloat!

Drink more water

You may think the more water you drink the more bloated you'll become, but actually the opposite is true. According to SkinnyMs, "Bloating has a lot to do with water retention. Although it might seem counterintuitive, one of the best ways to shed water weight involves drinking a lot of water."

PopSugar adds, "(Water) helps flush out toxins and extra salt (which can be responsible for that puffy feeling) from your system." So drink water all day long to keep your body refreshed, well-hydrated, and less likely to bulk up with bad-looking bloat.

Ease into fiber

We've all heard how important it is to take in plenty of fiber for its digestive benefits and help with weight loss or maintenance, but if you're not used to eating much fiber-rich food and suddenly go fierce on the fiber, your body may react by suddenly bloating up.

As per Self, "Too much fiber can be tough to digest and create gas, both of which might puff you up." A recommendation of 20-25 g of fiber per day is a great start, and be sure to wash it down with plenty of the aforementioned water to aid in digestion.

Get rid of the gum

Chewing gum may keep your mouth occupied and your breath fresh, but is the resulting bloating worth it? According to The Beauty Reel, "Not only are you swallowing air but also most chewing gums (even the sugar-free versions) contain a yucky ingredient (sugar alcohol) that causes bloating."

Go for a mint or mouthwash instead and you'll notice less bloat almost instantly. Blowing bubbles may be amusing, but your gut isn't having a belly laugh.

Bloating is a bummer, but with these 4 de-bloating remedies, a flatter middle can be yours in no time!

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