4 Ways to Embrace Your Small Boobs

In this mammary-obsessed world, small boobs seem to be the only ones that get overlooked. Big (often saline-filled) breasts are bouncing off the pages of celeb-filled magazines and parading across the sets of reality shows, making cavernous cleavage the deepest some people can get.

But what about the little gals? Small breasts matter too (even though they're made up of far less matter). There are "perks" to being small-chested, and with the right mindset, you can learn to love your set, one boob at a time.

Don't let those big-busted babes make you feel any less womanly, attractive, or sexual. Breasts were designed to feed, don't forget, and an 'A' cup can be as satisfying as a Big Gulp!

Defy Gravity

Any small-breasted woman knows that gravity is on her side (or her front, in this case). Sure, voluminous breasts may look great while a woman's in her prime, so to speak, but as time goes by, the pull of gravity turns melons into melon drops. Yes, a good bra will hoist those puppies back to their intended position, but once the clothes come off, big-busted ladies know their nipples will be facing south – exactly where the rest of their breasts are headed. Small-chested chicks know where there boobs are at all times. A definite plus, particularly in the dark.

Go Braless

With humongous hooters, wearing a bra is basically a necessity, otherwise the bouncing and bobbing will take over a woman's entire frame. It can be uncomfortable and unsightly. Shirts won't fit right and "wardrobe malfunctions" are just waiting to happen. Small-bosomed beauties can easily go bra-free anytime the mood strikes them. Not only does this provide a sense of freedom and comfort, but the savings on lingerie is a major bonus. Let "Thema" and "Louise" live with full abandon as you small-pillowed princesses burn your bras!

Always Classy

Not every look can pass as elegant when a lady's got tremendous torpedoes. That LBD can become X-rated when it's busting at the (bust) seams. A black tie affair can turn into what looks like a night at the strip club when that designer gown is overflowing with well-endowed womanhood. Alternatively, a small-breasted bombshell always looks decent, even in a deeply plunging neckline. The lack of inches-deep cleavage and scandalous "side boob" allows for clean lines and a more tasteful presentation. No bitty-boobed broad can look too trashy from the belly upwards.

Be Sporty

Any gal can be athletic, but when the breasts are beyond big, the only way to successfully run or play is to bind those babies up with a tight-fitting and often painfully confining sports bra. Some ladies even need two at once in order to keep her cha-chas from chafing. Running a marathon with breasts ready to hit ya in the face is no way to cross the finish line. And forget hitting the gym in a tiny tank… the stares and ogling won't be worth the membership fee. The sporty types with smaller tatas are always ready to swing their rackets and jump rope without incident. Most can even wear a regular bra (or none at all) during exercise. Breaking a sweat has never felt so easy when your breasts are team players!

Don't you feel even better about your small boobs now? It's time to "uplift" women of all shapes and sizes!

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