5 Benefits Of Cold-Pressed Juices Everyone Should Know About

Summer is almost over, and so are my relaxed, short days at work. My kids are back in school, and I need to get back on track, especially when it comes to my health and wellness.

I’ve been favoring cold-pressed juices for a while now, but they’re just so time-consuming to make — not to mention the equipment needed. But when my friend told me that she’s getting hers from Thistle, I had no more excuses.

Thistle offers delicious and nutritious superfood-packed meals, juices and snacks delivered right to your door – zero meal prep needed! Since day one, I’ve been obsessed.

Here are 5 pros and a con to incorporating cold-pressed juices into your diet, and why I love Thistle:

1. PRO: Meet your daily recommended nutrient needs

Nowadays it’s almost impossible to take in our actual nutrient needs. Most of us lack the time to prepare fresh and nutritious meals that incorporate all the recommended food groups. Imagine how many fruits and vegetables we’d have to eat each day?!

That’s why I’m such a big fan of Thistle. They offer various cold-pressed juices in all kinds of flavors made out of real, whole, organic fruits and veggies – sooo healthy and delicious! And super convenient to take to work.

2. PRO: Improve your overall mood

Mental distress and depression are more common these days than they’ve ever been before. It’s no wonder considering our rushed lifestyle, but healthy habits can help you get out of the slump of mental agitation.

You’ve probably heard about the importance of incorporating more organic, raw foods into your diet. Chewing on a raw carrot or celery all day long might make it impossible to achieve that new habit. Cold-pressed juice, however, makes it super easy. Ever since drinking one daily, I feel better than ever. My stress levels have decreased and I feel like my mood and focus are better than ever.

3. PRO: Stimulate a healthy digestive system

Our over-reliance on processed junk food, alcohol, and sugary drinks might “help” us cope with our stressed lifestyles. But when it comes to our overall well being, they don’t help at all.

That’s why tons of fitness experts recommend regular juice cleanses to give our digestive system the break it deserves. With Thistle cold-pressed juices you can enrich your body with important nutrients while flushing out harmful toxins for good.

4. PRO: Stay hydrated

It can be challenging to stay hydrated, especially during the colder months. Because of the season’s dry air you should be extra mindful of your fluid intake to prevent a runny nose or sore throat.

Thistle’s cold-pressed juices and shots keep your fluid intake both on-track and interesting with flavors like Vibrant Veggie and Hearty Green all while offering plenty of electrolytes on top of it. Plus, you get all the vital antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins of fruits and veggies in one single beverage – it couldn’t get any easier!

5. PRO: Higher absorption of nutrients

Did you know that cold-pressed juices are more absorbent than smoothies or whole fruit?! Juicing allows for increased absorption of specific phytonutrients and enzymes typically inaccessible in the fiber matrix of produce.

Drinking Thistle’s juices and shots results in maximum nutrient delivery to the body, compared to eating whole fruits and vegetables, which can prevent nutrient absorption for some people.

1. CON: A lot of work to make yourself

While juices have an unlimited amount of benefits, preparing juices for yourself everyday is a lot of work. Finding the recipes, gathering the fruits and veggies, and blending them to the right consistency takes a surprising amount of time and effort. That's why I’m loving Thistle.

Thistle is a zero-prep meal and juice delivery service that offers delicious, superfood-packed, and nutrient-dense meals. They offer everything: healthy breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, and of course, juices.

I love their antioxidant-rich Watermelon Berry juice, and the Refreshing Green juice is surprisingly delicious! My top two have to be Rooted Orange and Spicy Citrus. I’d also highly recommend their wellness shots – the Boost Shot, Glow Shot, and the Probiotic Shot help me feel reset and feel refreshed. You’ll find superfoods like Turmeric, Aloe Vera, Chard, Wheatgrass, Spirulina, Chia Seeds, Echinacea, and many more.

After just a week of drinking Thistle’s juices and shots, I felt noticeably different — I was more refreshed, focused, hydrated, and energized. Now that I’m drinking Thistle’s juices regularly, I’m feeling healthier than I have in a long time. I’m more productive at work and get so many more chores done at home.

If you’re looking for an easy way to get all the benefits of cold-pressed juices, check out Thistle now. You can thank us later!

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