5 Photos of Cute Camels That Will Get You Over Hump Day

Camels get a bad schtick. They're all isolated in the desert, they don't eat much, and they have a tendency to spit. But these animals are amazing acts of willpower. They've been used in the military, can live up to 50 years, and their urine and milk was once thought to be medicinal. We think they're pretty cool, and plus, they're cute. Here are 5 camels that will get you through the day.

1. Look at these jovial camels laughing their humps off! (It's actually called, braying)

2. Look at those voluptuous lips and luscious lashes. Kim K's got nothing on this camel.

3. We know, Wednesdays are tough.

4. You think you're intimidating, camel?

5. Camel or Wooly Mammoth? You decide.

We hope we've increased your appreciation for this odd-looking force of nature. And if you have anything to say about it, we'll talk to you after you spend a few weeks in the desert.

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