5 Reasons We’re Turning To HOMER For Our Kids

Kids today are living in the Zoom-age. Screen time is 24/7 but that doesn't mean it all has to be video games and cartoons. When facing this challenge there are two ways to go: admit defeat or turn lemons into lemonade.

So, how do you make screen time positive? Well, we've turned to digital educational platforms and found HOMER to be the best out there. Between the ages of 2 and 8, your child is a sponge, the window of learning opportunity is wide open so you should take advantage of it.

HOMER helps you jump on these prime years of learning to maximize potential - they're your partners in this adventure. Take advantage of this app, and for some extra hands-on learning, check out their Explore Kits.

With HOMER you get screen time that actually makes a difference in your child's life through fun, engaging activities in subjects beyond just math and reading.

Here are 5 reasons why we're turning to HOMER right now:

1. Personalization

Every child is different and their interests change completely each year (and even day-to-day). That's why we love how HOMER's activities are tailored to your kid's interests and age.

Start by selecting their age, HOMER is designed for children ages 2 through 8. Next, pick out some topics that they love to learn about, anything from sports and dinosaurs to fairytales and how things work. Then answer a few more questions to help determine what stage of learning your child is at - not all kids the same age are at the same stage.

HOMER takes all that information to come with a plan that works for your child, bringing fun, personalized education into your home.

2. Only takes 15 minutes a day

HOMERis not just a time-filler. Their learning method is research-based, showing a 74% increase in reading scores. Your child doesn't need to be on HOMER 24/7 for you to see results, this study is based on children using HOMER for only 15 minutes a day.

Their program comes from experts with degrees in developmental science and cognitive studies, and certified teaching experience. The goal with HOMER is to not only learn but to build confidence and they're really doing it.

3. Screen Time you can feel good about

As we've mentioned children are having more screen time than ever before but HOMER is screen time you can feel good about. You need time to get things done and your kids need to be entertained. Why not go with an educational choice?

This program is the perfect solution for your family. And to make it even better HOMER's app has an offline mode so you can take any of the 1000+ activities you've played before wherever you go.

4. Wide range of subjects

HOMER's lessons are fun but also incredibly beneficial to a child's overall development. Of course, they cover reading and math but also broader life skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, and information processing.

You won't just see improvements in the classroom with HOMER. Kids get the chance to learn social and emotional skills social-emotional learning, engaging lessons on how to process their feelings, and understand others. And on top of that HOMER infuses creativity throughout, making room for imagination and expression.

5. Affordable

HOMER's program has a 30-day free trial so you can see if it's the right fit for your family. After that, membership costs $9.99 a month, or if you want to save, their annual membership is just $59.99 ($4.99/mo.). Plus, the Annual Digital & Hands-On Bundle is $99.99 for the first year and includes all 3 of the Explore Activity Kits, perfect for enhancing their digital learning with hands-on play.

You get access to up to 4 kids' profiles, unlimited access to the program, offline activities & printables, and tips from HOMER's learning experts - all at an incredibly affordable price.

We love HOMER and so will your kids. It's perfect for toddlers just learning to read, naming common emotions, and developing number sense or older kids starting to build an academic vocabulary, developing math confidence, and problem-solving - they've got you covered from ages 2 to 8.

HOMERis research-based, kid-tested, and parent-approved. Check it out and give your family the gift of educational, fun screen time and yourself a much-deserved break.

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