5 Reasons Nutrisystem is Changing The Way People Diet

Advertisement Traditional dieting requires a lot of work--you have to keep up with points, go to meetings, visit centers, do weigh-ins, measure portions, give up your favorite foods and cook time-consuming meals. Going to a restaurant becomes less a reward than a guilt-trip. But anyone hoping to lose weight knows that it won't happen overnight, and Nutrisystem is streamlining the process. They customize a program for you by delivering easy-to-cook meals to your door, providing you with the flexibility to carry on with your normal life and offering a variety of delicious options. Nutrisystem is also much more affordable than the plans of the past, making it accessible to a whole new generation.

Here are five reasons Nutrisystem is changing the way we live a healthy life, and tips from weight loss veterans to help you through your journey!

You Don't Have To Count Calories or Measure Your Portions

Many weight loss issues arise from out of control portions. When we eat out, we're served giant meals and don't know when to stop. With other programs, you have to count calories, which takes the enjoyment out of eating. However, Nutrisystem aims to eliminate this stress. Their meals are all pre-portioned so you don't have to worry if you're overeating. Nutrisystem weight loss veteran Rebecca Dalton explains, "My success came from buying fresh food on Sunday, boiling eggs Sunday evening and bringing the fresh, prepared groceries and Nutrisystem foods to work with me on Monday morning for the entire week."

You Can Select from a Huge Variety of Food

Many diet plans give you limited options, but not so with Nutrisystem. They have a large assortment of plans with 150+ food options. You can still have delicious Buttermilk Waffles, Chicken and Bacon Ranch Pizza, and even a Chocolate Brownie Sundae. Unlike other programs, you can eat healthy without giving up your favorite foods, which makes staying on the path to weight loss a lot easier. You'll also get a great choice of protein-packed shakes. Laura says, "If I have a busy day, I'll grab a Nutrisystem protein shake. It's super filling and great on the go!"

It Works Around Your Busy Schedule

Instead of attending weekly accountability meetings, Nutrisystem has a team of nutritionists and counselors available whenever you need them. If you're in a time crunch, everything on the menu takes less than five minutes to cook. It's a lot easier to lose weight when you can get a healthy breakfast by grabbing a snack bar or muffin, and a piece of fruit on the way out the door. Vanessa travels constantly and tells us, "thanks to Nutrisystem, my suitcase always has my Ready-to-Go foods in it so I don't have to worry about finding healthy choices."

You Don't Have to Sacrifice Your Normal Life to Lose Weight

Just because you're dieting doesn't mean you have to completely restrict yourself. Nutrisystem gives you a flex lunch and flex dinner each week – which means you're free to go out to dinner or cook a meal at home. They make it simple by supplying you with a guide for eating out and plenty of healthy recipes for preparing at home. Weight loss is about moderation and most importantly, practice. Laura says, "It's okay to go out to dinner. Chefs are awesome at creating a healthy meal. My staple dinner (when we go out) is grilled blackened chicken and a side of veggies."

It's Affordable

A huge deterrent for many dieters is price. Some of the leading competitors charge nearly twice as much a day for food and then tack on additional membership costs. But with Nutrisystem, there are no additional membership fees. Plan prices start as low as $7.66 per day.

UPDATE: The awesome folks at Nutrisystem are extending a special offer to our readers. Follow this link to receive 40% off the full retail value of the 4-week plan when you place an auto-delivery order and free shipping to the Continental US for as long as you're on the program. As an added bonus, you'll also receive free turboshakes with your first order! Advertisement

*We received complimentary Nutrisystem food for the purposes of this review. All opinions and results are those of Trueself's staff and may differ from yours. This content is sponsored by Nutrisystem.
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