5 Reasons Your Dog Deserves Maev’s Human-Grade Food

About 6 months ago we adopted Bosco, a scrawny, underweight rescue Boxer who stole our hearts. We were worried because he'd often turn his nose up at the various dog food brands we set in front of him. He wasn’t gaining any weight and we were running out of options.

As first-time dog parents, my partner Riley and I faced a huge learning curve. We started with kibble. But we didn’t know that most kibble is made with a hot-extrusion process which strips the food of its vitamins and nutrients.

Then we discovered that kibble and traditional dog food are often packed with artificial preservatives and chemicals in order to extend its shelf life. No wonder Bosco was having none of it. Then we tried DIY home-cooked meals but it was messy, time-consuming, and totally unsustainable.

A dog-mom friend saved our lives with one simple word: Maev.

Maev makes human-grade, protein-rich raw food for dogs. Formulated by veterinary nutritionists, Maev is the best food we can feed our best friends (who happen to be dogs).

Here are 5 ways Maev is redefining healthy dog food:

1. Human-Grade Only – If you won’t eat it, don’t feed it to your dog

As a family member, Bosco deserves the best. Each bowl of Maev contains unprocessed, raw, human-grade lean protein, vitamin-rich organ meat, fresh produce, and personalized supplements.

There’s no high-pressure or high-temperature processing. Maev provides a flash-frozen raw food diet with no fillers, no additives, no synthetics. Just real ingredients that you can clearly see, delivered to your door, ready to eat.

We began noticing results almost immediately. After the first week (and this may be TMI), his poop and breath were considerably less smelly. By week 3 and 4, Bosco started to fill out and bulk up. We’ve seen improvements in the shininess of his coat, and his overall dental health, too. There are so many-many more advantages with Maev.

2. The Big 7: Essential Health Benefits for Your Pup

Maev puts your dog first with awesome food. We’re thrilled that Maev is made with USDA lean proteins, whole fruits and vegetables and scientifically studied supplements that support 7 essential health benefits.

First off, the big 3: immune function, digestive health, and oral health. Maev also addresses hip & joint issues, anxiety & calming, skin & coat health, and last but not least: early development which focuses on trainability and recall. Wow. This will be so helpful for Bosco’s obedience classes!

3. Expert Knowledge, Expert Results

Made in the USA with 100% USDA-Certified Human-Grade Protein, Maev is PhD Vet-Formulated and AAFCO-Compliant.

Vetted, tested, and approved. With Maev’s promise of 100% transparency & traceability, we totally trust them.

4. Only High Quality, Whole Food Ingredients for Our Dog

Many dog foods are classified as "feed-grade" meaning companies can legally use the meat from dead, dying, diseased, and/or disabled animals to make the food. Yikes!

Dogs thrive on an unprocessed diet high in protein and low in carbohydrates. Maev works with a team of PhD Veterinary Nutritionists. They’ve formulated a dog food with 11 core ingredients including lean Beef or Chicken (or Liver, Gizzard, and Sweetbreads), fresh vegetables and fruits, and functional supplements in each serving.

5. No Muss, No Fuss, No Stink

Maev targets any nutritional gaps Bosco may have without sacrificing our lifestyle. It’s so simple: We store the bags of Maev in the freezer until we need them. Since they’re frozen raw there’s no mess, no prep, and no thawing necessary. Serving sizes for age and activity level are on the back of the packaging.

Unlike other fresh and raw dog food, we’re totally impressed by how colorful and fresh Maev’s 100% unprocessed dog food is. And so easy to serve. We just shake, open, pour, and … Bosco comes running.

Final Thoughts

Maev’s flexible subscription means no more lugging home gigantic sacks of dog food. The amount and the frequency of deliveries are 100% customizable based on your dog's activity level and weight. Maev will deliver as much and as often as you need. Plus, Riley and I can add, swap, modify our subscription, or opt-out at any time.

Everyone knows that a healthy pup is a happy pup — and a happy you! Bosco’s the proof of that. He’s come a long way thanks to a lot of love. And thanks to Maev, he has all he needs for a happy and healthy life.

Maev’s building the future of dog care with their human-grade raw food, supplement bars, and bone broth. Check Maev out, it will change your life and your dog’s.

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