5 Things to Watch This Weekend

Pixar's Coco is Streaming on Netflix

The critically acclaimed and visually dazzling Pixar movie about 12-year-old Miguel Rivera, who dreams of being a famous troubadour but then finds himself walking among skeletons in the netherworld on Dia de las Muertas, is now available to stream on Netflix. It's the first Pixar film to feature a nonwhite protagonist and an all-Latino cast. Jia Tolentino writes in the New Yorker, "Coco is also a definitive movie for this moment."

Queer Eye Debuted its Second Season

While the makeovers still take place in Georgia, the Fab Five are no longer limiting themselves, and their considerable makeover abilities, to just straight men. Now, they will advise people of all gender identities. The transition is smoother than you'd think (the Netflix reboot, unlike the original, was not really about gay men fixing up their straight brethren), and you can expect the Fab Five's familiar big-heartedness and wit, as well as some very emotionally powerful moments.

Harlots is a Raucous Period Piece

Harlots follows a group of female prostitutes in 1760s London, when, apparently, one in five women earned a living in the sex trade. Despite this dreary statistic, the show mostly successfully balances a bawdy sense of humor with the darker realities of its characters' lives. If you love period shows like "Taboo" and "Call the Midwife" (shows that aren't afraid of a little grit), then this is a not-so-bleak, highly enjoyable option.

Get Ready for Season 2 of GLOW

Gear up for Season 2, which premiers later this month, by streaming the fantastic first season of GLOW on Netflix. GLOW follows an unlikely group of women in 1980s Los Angeles who find themselves in a ragtag all-women's professional wrestling league. Big hair, new-wave music, and synthetic outfits abound, but that doesn't mean GLOW shies away from seriousness. You can expect story lines that deal with abortion, showbiz, and racism with unexpected humor and compassion.

Celebrate 20 Years of Sex and the City

The iconic show had its 20th anniversary earlier this month, and you can celebrate by watching it in its entirety on HBO. Revolving around a group of four friends in their 30s navigating dating, work, and sex in New York City, the show is just as frank, funny, and sharp as it was 20 years ago. Once you tear through all 6 seasons, here's a list of 5 shows to stream if you still have a "Monolo-shaped hole in your heart."

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