Eggs are hands down one of the most delicious and versatile foods in the world.

A bacon, egg, and cheese on a toasted everything bagel? The breakfast of champions. Omelettes? A brunch staple. You can have them hard boiled, soft boiled, soft scrambled, hard scrambled, sunny side up, over easy, over medium, over hard, poached and even baked. At Journiest, eggs make us egg-static, and little did you know, eggs are used in even more creative ways than what we listed above. In honor of World Egg Day, we compiled a list of unique ways to eat eggs, so you can make sure to never go a day without an egg!

A Raw Egg With Honey

In what's probably the simplest and most efficient way to enjoy your eggs, just crack an egg into a bowl, squirt some honey onto it, and bottoms up! Thought to originate among 17th-century Jewish communities of Central Europe, it's said to be a cure for a sore throat. Doesn't that sound eggcellent?

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