5 Times MyKeto Saved Me From A Cheat

Keto is the one diet where you really can't cheat. The no-carbs is big because that means you can't have any sugar. You might be used to passing on the big bowl of pasta, but saying no to an apple feels a little strange. A few months back, I jumped on the keto bandwagon in an effort to take control of my diet and shed a few pounds. Typically, after 3-4 days of eating no carbs, your body will enter ketosis, where it's running on nothing but fat. But every time you cheat, you have to start all over again.

I talked to my fellow keto-ers before I got started on the diet, and they gave me a few pointers, including using MyKeto to help beat the "keto flu," the nickname for feeling sick in the week before ketosis kicks in. To counter the effect, MyKeto created a powder that helps kickstart ketosis without the harmful or unwanted side effects. I took my friends' advice to use the all-natural supplement during my transition into the diet – and I was thrilled with the results. Read on to learn about the five times MyKeto's ketones saved me from the keto flu.

1. If and when you cheat…

There are no cheats or "oopsies" on the keto diet, you'll lose the benefits as soon as you bite that baguette, but staying carb-free forever isn't a realistic plan. So when you do finally give in to mom's homemade pasta, you'll need to find your way back to ketosis ASAP. One little cheat could set you back days or even a week, but with MyKeto, you can quickly get back on track. The morning after an indulgent family dinner, I made a Chocolate Fudge MyKeto shake and felt instantly better instead of continuing to feel foggy and bloated from the sudden rush of carbs.

2. If the bartender gives you the wrong drink...

You can meticulously plan every move, and somehow, your diet can still be derailed because of someone else's mistake. A couple weeks into the diet, I met some friends for a drink, and ordered my keto-friendly favorite, vodka and diet coke. After a couple of sips, I knew the bartender mistakenly gave me regular Coke. These situations are usually out of our control, but instead of freaking out, I simply took MyKeto the next morning to ensure I'd stay in ketosis.

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3. If you're traveling and there's nothing to eat in sight...

If you're on a diet, the airport can be the bane of your existence. Food options are typically unhealthy, with very few fresh, organic, or natural snacks to choose from. I packed MyKeto with me on a trip and was able to pass by the fast-food and cinnamon bun stands without being tempted. It felt good to be prepared and get all the benefits of my Keto lifestyle on the go.

4. If someone offers you a slice of celebratory cake..

Weddings and birthdays are two big tests for keto dieters, and more often than not, someone will offer you a slice of something sweet that you know you shouldn't have. So when my niece's birthday party rolled around, I came prepared. Taking MyKeto in the morning helped keep my energy levels balanced, so I didn't have sugar cravings and could say no to cake.

5. If you fall prey to hidden carbs…

Mistakes on the keto diet aren't only about cake, soda, and bread. Carbs are hidden in seemingly healthy carb-free foods like milk, nuts, and carrots, so eating too much of any of these could throw you out of ketosis, too. I learned that early on when snacking on a friend's carrot sticks, only to realize a few hours later that it was one of the veggies I was supposed to limit. Luckily, I had MyKeto on hand to make sure I didn't get kicked out of ketosis.

We're all human, and sometimes it's the little things that get us through the day. MyKeto allows me to enjoy a treat now and then without hindering my progress, and makes the Keto lifestyle possible.

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