5 Tips to Improving Your Credit Score with Credit Sesame

A low credit score can make it difficult to get your dream house let alone a wifi plan. Because of rising interest rates, improving your credit score may seem like an impossible task. However, with the tips and tools learned through Credit Sesame you could be securing that dream house sooner than you think. Credit Sesame is a credit and loan management platform that is changing the way consumers monitor & improve their credit scores. Credit Sesame not only provides with you a free credit score, they also provide you with free tools and personalized tips to help you with your finances. The analysis tools and recommendation engines developed by Credit Sesame help you identify the best ways to improve your credit. Here are 5 tips to get you on a path to a better credit score:

Keep your balances low.

Spending less is more. Going over your credit card limit can be detrimental to your credit score. Try to be mindful about charging too much on your card or try and find a way to decrease your spending. If you can't stop making big purchases (all the little ones add up too!), see if you can make your payments as soon as possible. Paying your bills on time and spending less overall will help you keep your balances low.

Reduce the amount of debt you owe and avoid late fees.

Most of us know too well that debt can build up quickly, especially when you're not paying attention. The first step to reducing the amount of debt you owe is to create a budget and make an organized plan. Putting aside money each month , will help you start to pay off your balances sooner and avoid late fees that come with late payments.

Diversify your types of credit.

Only having one type of loan might contribute to a lower credit score. By applying for an additional card or loan, you can keep your credit current and potentially increase the amount available to you. For those with student loans, diversifying could help improve your score if you're paying on time and the payment goes towards the principal, because that's an additional type of loan. Diversifying your credit accounts not only helps your score but also shows borrowers that you're capable of balancing multiple accounts.

Understand the factors contributing to your score.

There are many factors that go into a credit score. Credit Sesame makes it easy to understand what's contributing to your score, so you can take the right steps to fix it. Credit Sesame reviews components like your credit history, daily debt, credit age, and utilization to advise you on how much you could potentially be saving on interest rates, credit card debt, or a home mortgage.

Protect yourself from identity theft

Getting your identity stolen is not only traumatizing, it can also take a huge toll on your credit score. Credit Sesame has free identity theft protection along with premium identity theft monitoring to prevent this from happening. As part of the free identify theft protection, Credit Sesame offers up to $50,000 in identity theft insurance as well as fraud resolution assistance. If you ever find yourself to be a victim of identity theft, Credit Sesame works to have you and your credit score protected.

Improving your credit score can take time and organization, but Credit Sesame is here to do all the hard parts for you. Ready to manage your credit all in one place? Head on over to Credit Sesame.

Update: The folks at credit sesame are extending a special offer to our readers. Follow this link for a free credit consultation including your free credit report summary and score!

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