5 Unexpected Perks Of Whitening Your Teeth

If you spend enough time on Instagram, you start thinking, "Wow, people are like, really beautiful." I have my favorite beauty accounts I follow, and even the horror special effects artists look gorgeous before they put on an ounce of makeup.

When I wake up in the morning, I look like the end of a makeup artist's zombie makeup video. I didn't get it. Then, one of the girls I follow posted a live video while she whitened her teeth, using ARC whitening strips. Ohhhh. For the final 5 minutes, she did a smokey eye while using a blue light device to remove stubborn stains. I couldn't stop watching, this was such an "a-ha" moment, but I doubted that I could afford it.

I was so wrong - her ARC kit was only $45! In 2 weeks, I could have whiter teeth that would brighten up my entire face.

I ordered a box online, and let me tell you, the ARC kit works so well. I feel like I can wear less makeup as a baseline, and it actually changed the way I go about my days.

Here are 5 reasons why I am so, so happy I whitened my teeth.

1. I Can Wear Orange Now

I've taken enough beauty quizzes to know that warm and orangey-toned reds are better lipstick colors for my skin tone. But they clash horribly with off-white teeth! Now that I can wear my power color and look great, I feel like I've ascended.

2. I Was Ready To See My Ex

There he was, ordering a stupid black coffee in my neighborhood (rude) - but I was ready for him. We have mutual friends, so we said hi and did the niceties - I'm confident this is a smile he won't forget anytime soon.

3. Bye Bye Facetune

I confess. I've used apps to crank up the brightness of my teeth, and it felt like a secret. Now, I skip that step when I upload pictures, and it feels like a weight's been lifted.

4. I'm More Confident At Work

Once I whitened my teeth, I was hyper-aware that my smile is the first thing people see. ARC Whitening Strips have definitely influenced me to smile more when meeting new people and use eye contact to make positive first impressions. Now to develop that "wow" handshake...

5. I'm Not As Awkward In Photos

When I take selfies, it's like a photoshoot - I futz with the lighting, I take way too many shots, I know my good angles, etc. In groups, I'm always nervous about that awkward moment where everyone poses. It feels so phony. What should I do?! I still don't know what to do with my arms, but now that I love my smile, it's easy-peasy to dazzle with my teeth.

The packaging is so gorgeous (you have to check it out), and you can do the strips all at once, then use a strip every now and again as a touch-up. Whitening my teeth was the best way to enhance my smile - no plastic surgery, no fake lip fillers, no expensive dental work - my smile is 100% me.

Update: ARC is offering our readers $20 OFF! Get your teeth whitening kit today!

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