5 Ways to Spark a Bromance

Everyone needs a bro.

No matter how content one might be alone, human beings are social creatures, and even the quietest introverts can thrive and open up around the right person. When we were kids, making friends was easy, but as we've gotten older, life puts a lot of unnecessary obstacles in the way when it comes to making friends, especially with men. Male bonds are tricky to forge, mainly because intimacy and vulnerability among men is still deemed taboo. While that notion is slowly being disproven, it still can be nearly impossible to make male friends. But risks need to be taken, and feelings need to be shared, because everyone needs a bromance in their life, eventually. Here are a few tips to follow when trying to establish a male-male friendship.

Join an Organization

It may sound obvious, but no friends were ever made by sticking to your routine. Join a book club or a recreational sports team. Studies show that men bond easier when there is something to do. Not to mention, a little bit of competition is healthy to breed mutual respect among men. "Friendships are best forged within some sort of structured environment. It's why we tend to make friends with people we go to school with, work with, or play on sports teams with," writes The Good Man Project.

Use Mutual Connections

Do you have a co-worker that you've been getting along with for a while? Ask him to a happy hour, or to go on a coffee or lunch run while at work. Maybe you're even looking for a new gym buddy. Remember that men bond a lot better when there is a mutual objective at hand, whether it be getting drunk, swole, or caffeinated. Make sure to ask as casually as possible, too! Some of the best bromances are birthed from keeping it chill.

Go Meet Your Neighbors

Especially in the city, people tend to keep to themselves once they return home. Have you spotted a particularly chill looking dude in your building recently? Maybe he has a dope dog. The next time you see them out and about, stop and pet the dog, and try chattin' up the boy. Wouldn't it be great if a bromance could happen right in your own building?

Try the Internet

In 2020, there are plenty of apps dedicated to making new friends. Bumble and Tinder both have new "Friends Only" settings, and and other dating websites are hopping on the bandwagon too. It may seem a little weird at first, but it may help lessen the difficulty in finding bros.

Be Bold

People respect confidence, especially men. If you see someone who peaks your fancy, why not just be honest? It's how we made friends as kids, after all. Try approaching the person of your choice, and just ask them to hang out sometime. You'd be surprised by how often that works.

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