9 Beautiful Reasons to Start Using Self Tanner

Confidence is key when it comes to nearly all aspects of life, and there's no confidence booster quite like a golden tan. However, sun exposure can be risky business (not to mention the proven dangers of using UV tanning beds), and in order to avoid damaging your skin, it's vital to take protective measures when you're out in the sun, which can make getting a tan difficult. Luckily, self tanners offer the best of both worlds, proving you don't have to sacrifice your skin to look like a bronzed babe. Here are our 9 beautiful reasons to start using self-tanner:

1. It's the safest option

If you're somebody who craves a golden glow year round, self tanner is the safest option out there. It's simply not worth the risk to lay out in the sun all day or climb into a skin-damaging tanning bed, especially given the extensive research proving that harmful UV rays are a leading cause of skin cancer. It's better to be safe than sorry, and with a good self tanner you can be safe and sexy, and not sorry. Talk about a triple threat.

2. You can go organic

Over the years, self tanners have come a long way in terms of ingredients and effectiveness. You can find a wide variety of completely natural and organic self tanners (this one is our favorite) that will get the job done wonderfully while not sacrificing any of your personal health preferences. After all, nothing supplements a healthy diet quite like a glowing tan, and it's fun to sit out and eat fruit by your public pool while pretending you're a tropical princess sitting by the ocean. The tan just makes it feel more real.

3. It helps you avoid tan-induced wrinkles later in life

Self tanner is like candy for your skin, because you can enjoy its benefits Now & Later. Regular tanning can cause premature wrinkles and an increased number of wrinkles as you age, and it can also cause things like sun spots and dry skin. Self tanner can help you avoid all of those things while still providing you with the confidence that comes with beautiful, bronzed skin. It's like the fountain of youth in a bottle.

4. It can make you look thinner and healthier

Although this may not be backed up by scientific fact, self tanner has the ability to make you look thinner and make your skin look healthier. Self-tanner blurs and camouflages your skin imperfections, and for some reason, tan chub looks better than pale chub. You can quote me on that.

5. It saves you from trips to the tanning salon

The beauty of self tanner is that you do it yourself. You don't have to make any unnecessary trips to the tanning salon, which means you don't have to put on pants any more than is absolutely necessary.

6. If you can't get tan from the sun, you can from sunless tanners

There's nothing more disappointing than running to the mirror after a day of tanning to check for those sacred tan lines, only to be met with the reflection of what can only be described as you, but in lobster form. Some people just don't tan as well as others, it's a sad fact of life. But if you're somebody who either burns or doesn't get any color at all, self tanner can be your new secret weapon.

7. It's much quicker than tanning outside

We're living in a world of instant gratification, and that is exactly what self-tanner can provide. Instead of wasting your days lying around outside in search of that perfect summer glow, you can achieve your desired color in around 10 minutes. It's like a food delivery service, but the food is a tan. And you're delivering it to yourself. Okay… that was a poor metaphor. But you get the point.

8. No tan lines

No more blindingly white butt.

10. They're reasonably priced

You don't have to break your bank in order to get a good tan. There are a lot of reasonably priced self tanners that actually work really well. But make sure you read the reviews first, because orange may be the new black, but it's not the easiest color to pull off.

Time to glow up!

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