9 Hair-Raising Reasons to Shave

Going 'au natural' may be fine for the hippies, hipsters, and Miley Cyrus armpit adorers, but most folks (well Americans at least) want to keep smooth, groomed, and 'scaped. There are plenty of areas on the body where 'bare' is better than 'hair', and in case you're the "I'm a mammal" type, here are some reasonable reasons to shave that excess hair to reveal the smooth you hiding beneath.

1. Exfoliates

Gorgeous skin

While shaving obviously gets rid of pesky stubble, it's also a useful and two-for-one means of exfoliating the skin. As the razor removes hair, dead skin cells and dry, flaky bits are wicked away as well, allowing fresh and smooth skin beneath to shine through. Some women choose to shave their faces even if they are hair-free just to reap the benefits of exfoliation. Who needs a spa when you've got a Bic!

2. Touchable Skin

Nice and Smooth

What feels better? Smooth and silky skin or rough and bristly body parts? Sure, we all have our preferences and fetishes, but for the most part, 'supple' beats out 'stubble'. Become more alluring to your partner or potential mates with skin that's just waiting to be touched rather than a knot of body hair waiting for a fingernail to get stuck in it.

3. Cleaner

That's what you call SHAVING


Yucky germs, food particles, and even bugs and mites can live happily ever after in a patch of wiry hair. Studies have shown that beards are super-gross crumb- and sauce-fests creating bacteria, and overly bushy, well, bushes, make those nether-regions even harder to keep clean. While you needn't go 100% hair-free, a shave to keep things less a mess would do you good in the cleanliness department.

4. Breakout Free

Watch out for pimples!

Along with cleanliness comes skin that's zit-free and banned of other blemishes. With less hair, skin can be better toned, pores can breathe, products can be applied more accurately, and pimples have less of a chance to persist and procreate. Zits can appear on other areas of the body, so consider all areas aside from the face when it comes to shaving. "Backne" is not bringing sexy back.

5. Smell Well

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B.O. is not O.K. The more hair, the more bacteria, and the more aromatic (in the worst sense) your body will become. Keep those pits as hair-free as you can so your deodorant can do its job well. Shave those pubes too, at least some of them anyhow. Hot air rises!

6. Clothes Fit Better

Slim fit

A tight fitting pair of jeans, lust-worthy leather pants, or Lycra leggings will slide up those legs far better without the fuss of hairy legs holding them back. Plus, just picture a pair of nude stockings with little black hairs poking through. If that doesn't get you cuffed by the Fashion Police, nothing will.

7. More Professional

Look at him! Handsome cat

Like it or not, a clean-shaven look is still considered to be more professional looking for many fields. If you're in an artsy or younger environment, they may not care about the hair, but a business suit and bushy beard or A-line skirt paired with fuzzy calves is not exactly something that will enhance your resume.

8. Look Younger

Just like a Baby!!!

Notice how babies have little to no hair (aside from the monkey)? Youthfulness is often associated with less hair, aside from that atop the head. Shave that mustache and shave years from your appearance. A smooth and hairless body screams, "I'm young, fit, and fabulous!" Have you ever seen a fitness model with hairy thighs or a Miss Universe contestant with back hair? (watch it!!! lol) Point made.

9. Less Mess

He is in trouble now...

Shaving can keep you neater. No milk mustaches, no dust bunnies collecting on your arm hairs, and no deodorant balls hibernating in your armpits. It only takes a few minutes to shave that hair away but a heck of a long time to get bubblegum out of your beard.

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Are you ready to get raving about shaving? Grab a razor and some shaving cream for a hair-free you in no time

for good!

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