9 Reasons Women Are Switching To This Perfume

For far too long, if you wanted to smell amazing, you had two options: Mall perfumes with trashy ads and trashier ingredients. Or boutique scents that cost a fortune and were almost impossible to find online. Well, good news: The minds behind PHLUR fixed all that. Here's how.

1. They begin each scent with an idea

Scent is the sense most associated with memory, and yet most fragrances today are made to evoke … another, more popular fragrance. Instead, PHLUR's founders seek to evoke treasured memories, and create scents that elevate your every moment.

2. They hire world-class perfumers, and let them run free.

Most brands hand their perfumers a brief, and give them a few short weeks to crank out a quick knockoff. It's like hiring Mozart to write an ad jingle. Instead, PHLUR asks its perfumers to interpret a mood, a feeling, a moment—and gives them the time and the resources to craft something totally original.

3. The fragrances are made with top-tier ingredients...

The reality is a fragrance smells only as good as what's in it. That's why PHLUR's team scours the globe for far-flung ingredients from Honduras, Madagascar and more—each one sustainably sourced by workers making a fair wage—and then crafted with care by artisans with decades of training.

4. ... But not the ones that harm your skin...

Parabens. Phthalates. Phenoxyethanol. BHT. Polycyclic and alicyclic musks. Not the kind of stuff you'd want to spray on your body, so PHLUR doesn't use them. (Many brands, surprisingly, do.) Because fragrance shouldn't be irritating—to smell, or to wear.

5. ... Or the environment.

Sandalwood: Smells great. Also, completely overharvested, and at risk of extinction. PHLUR's founders learned that there are safe synthetics out there that re-create that distinct scent. Better for the planet, totally safe for you. (P.S.: By law, fragrance companies don't have to disclose what's in their product. So they don't. PHLUR does, right on its website.

6. Their fragrances are responsibly (and beautifully) packaged.

Most recycling centers won't accept a glass bottle with a label on it. So PHLUR sourced a unique vegetable ink, making its bottles uniquely recyclable. (Though with their minimalist design, you might just want to reuse it yourself.) Bonus: Each bottle is made with 20% recycled glass—tops in the industry.

7. They sell it at an honest price.

Mall brands mark up their fragrances to pay whatever celebrity or fashion designer is endorsing it. Boutique brands mark up their fragrances because they can. PHLUR doesn't do any of that. Instead, they put their money into the bottle, using top-tier ingredients and world-class perfumers, and then sell their fine fragrances at an honest price. No middlemen

8. They're made by real people for real people.

Amazing scents. Best-in-class customer service. A luxurious experience at an honest price. No wonder the likes of Allure and Esquire are singing their praises. Not to mention thousands of devoted fans, who've sent emails, left Facebook comments, and created beautiful Instagram posts, all to spread the joy of cleaner, smarter fragrance.

9. You can try three scents for just $18.

Goodbye, mall fragrance counter. You can create a Sample Set of three great fragrances online, and have the set sent right to your door. (Shipping is free, naturally.) That's a month's worth of fragrance for you to enjoy at your place and at your pace. When you find a favorite, you can get a full-sized bottle of it, and put your $18 credit toward the cost. No risks. No b.s. Just smart scents.

Try 3 scents for just $18.

No commitments. No obligations. Just great scents.

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