9 Ways to Get “In the Mood” When You’re Not Feeling It

You love your mate and think they're great, but sometimes, you "have a headache" and it's about to be a "not tonight honey" kinda evening. Well, before you throw in the towel and send your sweetie off for a cold shower, here are 9 ways to get yourself revved up and in the mood for some canoodling. Your guy or gal will thank you and be impressed with your ability to crank up the heat when you'd rather crank up the volume on the TV.

1. Take a Bubble Bath

A relaxing and soothing bubble bath may be all you need to get in the mood. Luxuriate yourself in a rich lather with the lights set dim and some jazz music softly playing in the background. If you really want to go for romance, take a glass of Champagne into the loo with you. After bathing, wrap yourself in a thick, comfy robe and proceed to the boudoir where you can untie the terry cloth and get tangled up in your special someone's arms.

2. Indulge in Chocolate and Wine

Yes, many may argue that chocolate and/or wine are far more appealing than sex, but what if you could have all three? If you're not feeling like making sweet love, go for some sweet chocolate and a glass of your favorite vino. The rich sensation of a good piece of chocolate paired with a fine wine is a seduction all its own. Enjoy this treat with your partner and soon you'll be craving much more than Cadbury and Cabernet.

3. Massage

Get yourself on the receiving end of a stress-reducing massage and before you know it, you'll be seeking even more body-to-body contact. Feel your muscles relax, breathe deeply, and let your lover rub you down from head to toe. All that touching and tenderness will surely lead to something you won't find at the massage parlor. Well, not the legal ones anyhow.

4. Cook Something Together

There's something about tasting a mouthful of marinara sauce and making a mess in the close quarters of the kitchen that's sinfully sexy. Pour a couple of glasses of wine and cook a delicious meal with your mate. Feed each other little nibbles and impress one another with your culinary prowess. Your satisfied belly and watching your honey wash the dishes is the trick to getting your appetite back for a special dessert.

5. Put on Something Sexy

If you're just not feeling all that alluring and getting it on is the furthest thing from your mind, change your outfit to change your mindset. Slip on a pair of silk undies, that negligée you've been hiding in the back of your drawer, or a slinky pair of stockings. Realize just what a hottie you are and show off your body to your boo. Their reaction will be contagious and soon you'll understand why they were eager to get the little you've got on off in no time.

6. Watch a Provocative Movie

OK, you don't have to go for XXX porn here (unless you want to), but watching a steamy movie with your babe by your side is sure to get you on the casting couch for your own leading role. On-screen seduction can go off-script when you slip into character and into the sack with your very own co-star. Bet you won't make it to the end of the film before you start making out with your cutie.

7. Do Some Cardio

In the mood to move, but not the way you're partner had in mind? Head to the gym or take a brisk jog around the block to get your blood and juices flowing. You'll feel energized, healthy, and ready to take off those sweaty clothes. Continue the cardiovascular workout with your main squeeze (wink, wink), or hop in the shower together to rinse off after that workout/make out session.

8. Meet Up in the Middle of the Day

Bored with the same ole, same ole? Pretend you're involved in an illicit love affair and meet your lover in the middle of the day for a secret rendezvous. Skip lunch and satisfy your hunger with a serving of mid-afternoon magic. The excitement and rush of meeting up mid-day will get you out of that slump and ready to, well, hump!

9. Role Play

While you may not be in the mood, the French maid coming to turn down the bed sure is. Revitalize your love life and get back in the action with some fun and fantasy-worthy role play. Your partner will excite you with their new persona and you'll never know what's coming next. Get ready to be seduced by the stranger you know the best.

Are you in the mood yet? Hey! Get a room will ya?

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