A Beauty Checklist Designed By a Plastic Surgeon

Every day, women flock to my plastic surgical practice seeking answers to particular concerns about beauty as it applies to them. Unfortunately, they don't ask "how do I make myself even more beautiful?" The usual query is "I hate this about myself and can you fix it?" Our society has applied a twisted and unrealistic beauty standard to women, fixated on youth, achievable only by young models and starlets whose likenesses are airbrushed and manipulated.

It is my assertion that each and every woman has a Beauty Quotient. This quotient is made up of three distinct categories: Physical Health, Psychological Health and Personal Appearance:

Physical Health consists of corporeal characteristics that define a woman's beauty, and trust me -- each and every woman has physical characteristics that are truly beautiful. A woman's face or body can be structurally imperfect, but still exquisite. Identify those individual beauty traits that set you apart and learn to accentuate them.

Psychological Health involves one's personality; intelligence, sensitivity and warmth, sense of humor, attitude and overall level of confidence. Don't minimize the importance of these characteristics in contributing to your Beauty Quotient. Shallow physical beauty alone is bland and boring! Show me a confident women and I will show you beauty!

Personal Appearance includes your beauty routine. This involves habits regarding skin-care regimen, hair and makeup routines, wardrobe, posture and style. Formulate a solid routine involving these aspects of your appearance, and you will be amazed how helpful they can be. Remember, learn to accentuate the positives! If you have pretty, exotic eyes, learn ways to showcase them with makeup. If you have kick ass legs or derrière, select clothing that tastefully punctuates them.

It is the combination of physical and mental elements from these three categories that define a woman's beauty. A woman may raise her Beauty Quotient significantly by simply tweaking various elements within these categories. A combination of intangibles can make a woman beautiful! Try it, it works!

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