A Brilliant New Kit For Single Girls To Treat Themselves

We've all heard about the beauty boxes and styling kits sent to your home -- just like we've all seen that meme, I don't make mistakes, I date them... Well, since my last few relationships, nothing could ever be more true. My best friend is always saying that we need to focus on ourselves and the guy will come later. She's my rock and we support each other every day, focusing on our careers, exploring new ideas, and discovering new ways to have fun (or cause trouble). A perfect day is us meeting for brunch followed by an afternoon of shopping. We talk about our weekly drama, hunt down the latest trends, and figure out which guys we'll be texting back or ghosting. We're big on treating ourselves, we work hard, and we deserve it. So when we heard there's a new subscription box just for us single gals – to make us even more fabulous – we had to give it a try.

SinglesSwag specializes in making women look and feel beautiful, while empowering and inspiring them. They send you a monthly box of cute and stylish goodies as a way to treat and appreciate yourself. It comes in two sizes: the SinglesSwag box has five to seven full-sized items and the SinglesSwag Petite has three to four. I signed up for the larger monthly box for $40 and have since received multiple boxes with so many amazing surprises inside. The SinglesSwag box is always valued at over $175 and consists of things like sweet treats, something nice to pamper yourself, makeup or skin care, jewelry, a book, and so much more.

When my first box arrived, I realized it was my SinglesSwag box, and got super excited. To be honest, I also felt kind of proud, like look at me, taking the time and effort to do something nice for myself. It felt really good to give to myself rather than always giving to others. When I opened it up, I was surprised by all the variety and cuteness inside. I got dark chocolate coconut bites, a foot soak, coral lip balm, and other little delights. I spent the rest of the evening giving myself a pedicure with my new foot soak and relaxing solo. It was heaven...and way better than an online date.

Now, when I get my SinglesSwag box each month, I look forward to the me-time it will provide. First, I know I can expect a sweet treat - my favorite was a brownie brittle that was DE-lish! There's always something for a home-spa day like bath salts, face masks, or hand cream, and other little useful items or gifts with inspiring quotes. My favorite things so far were the Spa Splurge Black Lace Collagen Mask and the "You Are A Badass"book that I had been dying to read.

I'm so glad I decided to take my best friend's advice and stop waiting for other people to buy me gifts, or make me happy. With SinglesSwag, I'm taking things into my own hands and focusing on making myself happy in small ways. It's become a monthly reminder to focus on myself and that just because I'm single, it doesn't mean I'm alone. I will never feel bad for doing what's best for me!

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