A Busy Mom's Honest Review Of Calm

It's 3 am and I can't sleep! Work presentations, mental grocery lists, whether or not I remembered to sign my daughter's permission slip for the field trip next week, you name it, and I can guarantee that it's running through my head. I've tried everything; no coffee past 4 pm and no screen time right before bed. Nothing worked. I was losing concentration at work, forgetting little things here and there, and my overall mood was just not good. I was at my Saturday morning yoga class complaining about how I couldn't sleep to a friend and she told me about Calm, an audio app designed to help with sleep and anxiety, that had completely transformed her insomnia.

I downloaded the app and started the 7-day free trial, which gave me access to all of the premium features. Just like a spa, they have everything from soothing rain, starry nights to waves crashing at the ocean. There's also music playlists curated especially for relaxation, and a library with over 100 Sleep Stories being read by some well-known celebrities, like Matthew McConnaughey, even a recording of a Bob Ross painting session. I wasn't really sure that any of this would help me sleep, but I decided it couldn't hurt to try. Plus, I loved the idea of having so many features all in one place on my phone, ready to use at the touch of a button.

After yet another stressful day at the office followed by an anxious journey home, I was really looking forward to testing out Calm. I decided to start with a Sleep Story. I selected Blue Gold, which is narrated by Stephen Fry and tells the tale of a calming journey through the lavender fields and quiet villages of Provence. The story is 25 minutes long, but I was asleep after just 15. I slept through most of the night and woke up feeling refreshed and well rested. I haven't slept that well in as long as I can remember.

I've been using Calm for a few months now, and I can't remember how I managed before. I loved the free trial so much, that I had to sign up for the annual plan, which gave me access to all of the amazing premium features. The yearly plan works out to just $5 a month (save $60 a year) and you can cancel anytime. But I honestly use this app a few times a week. The app helps me fall asleep within 20 minutes, and if I wake up at 3 am, I play some rain sounds and I'm back asleep in 10 minutes (not 2 hours). My kids have a million game apps installed on my phone, so the last thing I thought I needed was another app. But now I can finally get the sleep I need to be a functioning human.

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