A Dictionary of Weird But Awesome Health Foods

Usually, people tell you to stay away from foods you can't pronounce. But these ones are useful to know. Don't be shy from what you don't know. We'll help you out.

1. Açaí

It's kind of like the lovechild of a blueberry and grape. It has some mighty antioxidants. Oxidants, be afraid. Be very afraid.

2. Amaranth

It's a Mexican grain with a punch of protein and amino acids when cooked.

3. Chia

Ch-ch-ch-chia! These tiny little seeds can keep you going all day.

4. Ghee

This Indian clarified butter is actually good for you. Say what?

5. Goji

Also called a "wolfberry," these cuties may help with aged eyes, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

6. Harissa

Watch out -- this hot chili paste is not for beginners.

7. Kimchi

This one's spicy too. With so many vitamins and good bacteria, this is the healthiest Korean sauerkraut you've ever had.

8. Kohlrabi

This weird broccoli/cabbage hybrid is super healthy.

9. Kombucha

Fizzy, over-steeped tea. Yeast never tasted so good.

10. Spelt

Ye old wheat with six sets of chromosomes. Cool.

11. Spirulina

It's blue-green algae. And you eat it. Here's why.

12. Tahini

Alright, you know this one. Can anyone say, pita time?

Get out there and eat these crazy things. Nothing tastes better than adventure.

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