A Natural Solution to Anxiety You Can Fit in Your Bag

The country of France is filled with innumerable riches from its lands—wine-perfect grapes, world-class cheese, and other lush flora and fauna. One of the most recognizable exports of southern France is lavender, the purple flower whose coveted aroma is harnessed by perfumers and cosmetics companies from all over to sell to luxury-seeking and anxiety-ridden customers.

Why are people so crazy about lavender?

First of all, it's beautiful. But lavender essential oil has a long list of benefits. It not only relieves anxiety with a simple sniff, but it can also increase cognitive function in combination with rosemary oil. If you need a quick sleep remedy, lavender oil can help calm you down for bedtime. Just apply a small amount to the wrists and temples, or your pillow, and you will be dreaming of the French countryside in no time. It's also great for your hair and skin!

But it has to be legit.

"Real" lavender is hard to come by, the experts will tell you. There are tons of imitation brands that claim they are the most essential of essential lavender oil. To get the real thing, you have to get it from France. Le Château du Bois, one of the premier lavender cultivators in Provence, sets forth traditional farming methods to preserve the quality and legacy of French lavender. The Lincelé Family has been producing and distilling lavender since 1890, and now have a formidable line of organic and natural cosmetics.

Back in the day, lavender was used for its healing and disinfecting properties. The Romans even used it in their baths and to scent their laundry. Le Château du Bois offers a great guide featuring how fine lavender can also aid in sore throats, colds, and more! Now, it has become a huge part of the aromatherapy canon, offering properties of stress-relief and facilitating relaxation.

Get in the aromatherapy game and chill out with some lavender oil! Order some online for your next great gift!

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