A New Mom's Honest Review of Lively

When I got pregnant, I knew my body would go through changes, but no one warned me about the wild ride I would go on with...my chest. It took all of my twenties to learn to love my baby A-cups and at one during this pregnancy, I was pushing C's. In my third trimester, they seemed to grow overnight, and I was too overwhelmed with my emotions to go bra shopping. I didn't want to be measured by a stranger in an overheated, overpriced store if I could shop from my couch double-fisting pints of butter pecan.

My best friend was due six months before me, so I asked her if she had any recommendations. She told me I should invest in a postnatal bra that I could wear throughout, even after the baby was born. She found an amazing maternity bra from LIVELY that looked sexy, and told me to check out their collection and invest ahead.

I looked at the website, and immediately loved their focus on comfort. All the bras were sexy and beautiful, but also super comfortable. They call it leisurée; like lingerie, you want to live in. To accommodate my greater bust, I decided to order a maternity bralette and the Mesh Trim-No Wire in toasted almond, which also has adjustable straps within the front, an absolute necessity if you're nursing.

With just a tape measure, I followed their detailed instructions to find my new, true size. They have free returns, so you could order a bra in your sister size, just in case. I added some matching underwear to my cart and took the plunge.

When my LIVELY order arrived, I rushed home to try everything on. The Toasted Almond color was prettier in person and it was made with the silkiest fabric; it had a j-hook closure, so no straps would show in a tank top. Maybe it was the hormones, but when I tried it on, I teared up. It actually fit, was super comfortable, and made my boobs look amazing. After jumping around to test it, the straps weren't digging in, and I felt better in my body than I had in a long time.

I nearly fell asleep in my bra that night; for the past few weeks, in sharp contrast to my old bra that I ripped off the second I came through the door. My LIVELY bra got me through the rest of my pregnancy, with its adjustable straps, and then after the arrival of baby Phoebe (8 lbs., 2 oz.), I swapped it with my new Mesh Trim Maternity Bralette for nursing. It's beautiful, in the loveliest pale pink that matches Phoebe's walls. The first time I breastfed in public, it was super easy; the extra hook on the front releases the fabric, so when it's not in use, it looks like a regular bralette. It's pretty and uncomplicated, and I ordered another one in pink and one in black, so I could wear one nearly every day.

LIVELY makes bras for women, not mannequins. They're simple, beautiful, and more comfortable than anything else out there. If you're unhappy with your bra, or you have some big changes coming up, LIVELY is there for you, and your girls.

UPDATE: Follow this link to get 10% off your first LIVELY order today!

Get 10% off your first LIVELY order today!

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