A New Mom's Review Of PHLUR's Clean Fragrances

I'm a new mom, which means I question everything. It started when I was pregnant and I began thinking about what I was putting into my body. I wanted to know what I was eating and therefore feeding my baby; the same with the cleaning products that permeated our home. Now as a mother to a six-month-old girl, I am a research machine. My daughter recently broke out in an unexplained rash, and I went crazy trying to figure out what caused it! A friend suggested it was a reaction to a scent that I was wearing, and a light bulb went off in my head. While I'd already started switching to clean makeup and skincare products, it never occurred to me to think about my perfume. I couldn't believe it: how could I examine the food I was putting into my body, and not what I was spraying on it?

To be honest, as a new mom who doesn't have the time to pamper herself , I love the bit of luxury I get from perfume. So I did an online search for the ingredients of my go-to scents. I was astounded by the lack of information out there about what was in the perfumes that I was using. Y'all, I found nothing. I've always been a fragrance girl, so I searched for the highest quality I could find that was also totally transparent about what went into them. There weren't many options. Thankfully, I found PHLUR, a luxury fragrance brand that clearly stated on its site that it only uses "good clean ingredients," and went on to list in detail what was in each of their scents. It was information paradise.

All of their fragrances were hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, vegan, sustainably sourced and packaged with recycled materials, followed by a list of all the "no's" (no parabens, sulfates, phthalates, BHT), so I thought I might have finally found a safe scent. I learned about PHLUR's bottle choices (opaque, eliminating the need for potentially harmful preservatives), and that their formulas are sourced using a combination of lab-created synthetics that are safe for the skin and exactly mimic botanicals found in nature, and selective sustainably sourced botanicals. This way, they don't have to harm the environment by overharvesting at-risk plants like sandalwood. At a time when nothing felt easy, I felt a huge weight off my shoulders to find a brand that was safe for me and my child. The only problem, well. . . Would I dare take a baby to a store to sample the fragrances with me? Then I saw PHLUR's "try at home" solution.

For $18, I was able to choose three samples to be delivered to my door in a cute kit. These were generous 2ml bottles, which equated a full month of daily fragrance. Right away I chose "Olmsted and Vaux," with white ginger and orange flower notes. It was described as "bright" and "clean," "like an invigorating morning walk through Central Park," which I imagined giving me a boost for morning walks with my girl. Next was "Sandara," with notes of forest air, described as calming and meditative—and who couldn't use more calm in their life? Lastly, I chose "Siano," because one woman left a review saying she loved it because it brought on "good dreams"—and what sleep-deprived mother isn't going to go for good dreams?

I loved these new, unique scents, and when I decided to get a full-sized 50-ml bottle of Siano, I loved that I could apply the $18 toward my purchase. Now I'm also using PHLUR body wash, and have their 100% vegetable wax candles mentally filed as my new go-to gift. My daughter's rash went away with a little bit of cream and didn't come back after I switched scents. I know life as a mom will continue to give me plenty to worry about. Thanks to PHLUR, I have one less thing to question, and a daily luxury for myself.

Start Sampling: Our friends at PHLUR are extending a special offer for our readers. Follow this link to pick your three scents for only $18 (+ shipping is free)!

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