Donald Trump's Best Healthcare Tweets

Well, America, the votes have been cast, and Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States. After you calm down, please come back and read the rest of what we have to say.

Okay, got some water? An Aspirin? Good.

Among Trump's controversial stance on certain issues, we wanted to highlight some of his opinions on Healthcare. We're a health-conscious nation that has struggled with the issue of affordable healthcare since long into our history.

Can Donald Trump live up to what he's said about healthcare? For a crash course, we have all of his best Healthcare Tweets for you.

1. He doesn't like ObamaCare.

2. He really doesn't like ObamaCare.

3. This lady agrees.

4. He wants an affordable system, unlike ObamaCare.

5. Alright, his plans are still a little vague.

We hope that cleared things up about how our new president will attack the problem of Healthcare in this country. Though only time will tell if he can live up to these Twitterisms.

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