The Secret To a Happy Marriage Revealed.

My wife and I are complete opposites. She loves sweets, I'm a chips kinda guy, she loves summer, and I'm all about the winter. Our opposite way of thinking has always worked for us, but one way it's negatively impacted us is our nighttime routine. She needs a zillion blankets and can't sleep if the room is too cold. I need the A/C blasting to be able to fall asleep. Our different sleep patterns have meant that we have been sleeping in separate rooms for the last year, in order for us both to get the rest we need. It started out as only once in a while, but our sleep styles are so opposite that soon we were spending every night in different rooms. I wanted to find a solution to our problem so that we can start spending quality time together again, and decided that maybe a new mattress could be the answer. We've had the same bed for the last five years, so it was time for an upgrade. I thought all mattresses were basically the same, but I wanted something that would not only be super comfortable but also have some cool tech features to satisfy my inner nerd! When researching the best smart mattresses, I came across The Pod by Eight Sleep.

I was first intrigued by The Pod because it can connect to our smart home devices like Alexa and our coffee maker. After a little more digging, I learned that The Pod does a lot more than connect with smart devices; it has temperature regulation from 55 to 110 degrees on both sides of the bed, the only mattress capable of this on the market. The personalized heating and cooling feature means that you can have two completely different settings in one bed, so my wife could keep her side warm while my side stayed nice and cool (practically freezing). Sounded like the solution I'd been looking for.

When The Pod arrived, I couldn't wait to finally be able to sleep in the same bed as my wife again. I was excited to see if the temperature controls would help my wife's tossing and turning, which used to always keep me awake. Our first night on The Pod was a dream (pun intended). It has four layers of premium foam that give pressure-relieving support and help with spinal alignment, so it was the perfect firmness for both of us. We each set our sides to our preferred temperature, it was so easy to fall asleep---my side stayed cool and all of her restless movements didn't wake me up (for once!)

The Pod Mattress has completely overhauled my rest. It tracks your sleep patterns and gives you insights into your REM cycle and how much you move at night. I used to think that 8 hours of sleep meant I was rested. But this smart tracking feature made me realize that the quality of sleep is just as important as quantity.

The Pod has helped my wife and I cater to both our sleeping preferences, get better quality rest and most importantly, get back the time we were missing out on together---it's like having 2 beds in 1. I never realized that something as simple as our mattress could have such a positive effect on our sleep and marriage. With The Pod, we no longer have to compromise our time together to get the rest we need.

Update: Eight is offering a free gift with your Pod for President's Day Sale! Upgrade To The Pod and Gift Yourself a Complimentary Accessory Up To $300 in Value While The Offer Lasts.

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