About Us

You know that amazing feeling you get after a really good yoga class, or great time with your friends, or after a hike up a mountain to a beautiful view, or after you've accomplished something you've been striving for? Or that euphoria when you realize you are in love with a person who loves you?

That's the feeling of joy, of balance, of confidence, and of success; your happy-place. We are all working to get to there, whether it's in our romantic relationships, issues surrounding our our identity and self image, or with family and work. The path is not always smooth, but it's always worth it.

TrueSelf celebrates that process with content that will make you think, learn, and laugh about the bedrock issues of life. Whether it is a new look at the benefits of meditation, the essential elements of your wardrobe, or a guide to the facts and fictions about the latest beauty treatment, TrueSelf will give you a fresh, thought-provoking perspective you'll want, need, and enjoy. Join us in celebrating your Happy Self, your Healthy Self, your Successful Self --- your TrueSelf.

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